It Could Always be Worse

What a crazy week this has been and it’s only Tuesday! Work has been insane for me, and there has been a lot of things weighing on me that really took a toll today. I blame the full moon. I swear shit always hits the fan when it’s a full moon. It could also explain why C has been super hyper. That or the fact that Christmas is a week away!

Saturday night was my work party and we had a blast. Traveling to our destination was a whole other story. What a nightmare!!! As I mentioned in my last post we had a bit of a winter storm and it made for quite a nasty drive full of adventure. Mental note, they make WINTER windshield washer fluid for a reason. SUMMER fluid FREEZES in Winter. Ooops. Anyway, my goal of looking great in my dress and watching my eating for the past several weeks paid off and I felt awesome in my dress.

I clean up alright don't I?
I clean up alright don’t I?

The next day I wasn’t feeling the best. You could say I had too many bevvies. Not a great day, but it did allow for a lot of relaxation and couch cuddles. Monday was back to reality and back to work. It was a hectic day so I was eager to get to Crossfit after work.


5 x 3 front squats

3 x 2 push press, 3 x 1 push press

I got to 85 (I think) with my front squats. For push press I worked up to 1 at 95 and that made me happy. My max pre injury was 100 lbs so I am definitely seeing gains.

The wod we did involved plate press and lunges, neither of which feel great for my quad so after a couple of lengths of plate push he gave me a different wod.

100 push ups. Every fail or break I had to skip 50 times.

Not my favourite workout but it was still a good sweat and I was sore today. I think I am even still sore from the 12 Days of Christmas WOD.

After dinner I did some Christmas baking and made salted caramel pretzel bark as well as another chocolate caramel bark with saltine crackers.  I think one more batch of my shortbread caramel squares and all the baking I need will be done.

This morning was off to a good start.  I woke up early and got an at home WOD in.  I did 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of burpees and sit ups.  Let’s just say burpees are one hell of a way to wake up.  I got a good sweat on and took some sweet selfies and check out this back progress!


Today as I mentioned was a tough day.  It was challenging and left me thinking really hard about some decisions I made and whether I made the right ones.  I found this quote recently on Pinterest and it really resonated with me tonight.


The upside of my day- coming home to a sweet little girl who was happy to see me and give me a ton of hugs; and the best guy a girl could have to make me dinner, poor me a beer and help me organize my lift.  And to listen to me complain about my day.  I am lucky for sure.  I did a round of Tabata (russian twist) and foam rolled my achy legs and now I am off to watch Teen Mom 2 and drink my beer while I ice my leg and realize it could always be worse.  I don’t have it so bad after all.  Blessed.

What makes you feel better after a rough day?


Did you do any Christmas baking?


2 thoughts on “It Could Always be Worse

  1. You look great in your dress! No wonder you are pleased with yourself, all the work is clearly paying off!

    I want to do some burpee WODs in the house but I live in a flat and I’m not sure my downstairs neighbours would enjoy it much!

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