Deadlifts and Daymakers

Today I hit up a CrossFit class after work and my usual crew was there including my bestie K. For strength I worked on my deadlift. After the last couple days I soooo needed to lift heavy so this was just what I needed. I paired with another girl and we worked together. We worked to a 1 rep max and I hit a PR of 190 lbs! Pretty amazing feeling.

10 min- EMOTM
7 hang cleans
Odd- push ups
Even- sit ups

This was a knock you on your ass workout. The hang cleans I did at 55 lbs and I was wiped. I also got complimented on my form for them by our coach.

After we got home we had to get stuff ready for the last day of school tomorrow. Then we had a dinner with all the people who worked at the corn stand this summer. It was a lot of fun.

The highlight of my day was when C gave me this card.

Isn’t it the sweetest? It totally made my night. That’s all from me today as I heading to bed in preparation for a looooong day tomorrow.

What was your workout today?

What was the highlight of your day?


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