What a Beautiful Mess

It’s been a pretty interesting couple of days around here. And pretty messy too. Friday was a typical Friday, it was ugly out, rainy and grey. I hit up CrossFit after work for my usual class. Our strength wod I decided to work on lifts when everyone else was squatting. There weren’t enough racks so my trainer let me lift at his lifting cage. It’s currently decorated for the holidays so he even turned the lights on for me. It must have really helped to be so festive and there was a Christmas miracle. I hit a new PR with my push press and did 102 lbs!

50 sit ups
50 KB swings
50 push ups
25 jack knives
25 push press
25 burpees

C had a sleepover with her brownies group and she was super excited about it. J and I went for dinner at our favourite pub because I was craving nachos like nobody’s business. We had a delicious meal and definitely overdid it. I was so full all night.

Saturday morning I picked her up and we headed to CrossFit. It was a group WOD that involved push press, squats, manmakers and burpees. It was a friendly competition which we did not win. Everyone had an awesome workout though so I still think we were winners.

After some down time at home I went and did my groceries for the week including all our festive planning. I also did some gift wrapping. I got a pretty good dent in it and just have a little more to do I think.

It was a really rainy day yesterday and as the day went on it got icier and icier out. J had to do a lot of salting. This morning when he got up at 530 for chores we discovered the power was out. After a chilly morning with no power we decided to go across to the farm as they had power. We did a ton of Christmas baking and then the power went off there too.

There is ice on EVERYTHING. Branches are down all over the place. It’s crazy because it’s so so pretty but so nasty.



There is power out all over the area. I have heard some places won’t have it for 72 hours! I hope we get it back before that! Until then we are hanging out at the farm where they have a generator keeping things running. J went down the road where the crews were working and they had said about an hour but it’s been longer than that.

Keep yours fingers crossed for us that we get power soon!

When was the last time you were in a power outage?

Have you had any crazy weather lately?


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