Merry Christmas to all…

The last couple days have been a whirlwind of activity. I was still working yesterday (Monday) and I thought it would be quiet but it ended up being very busy. I got out on time to hit up one more CrossFit class before the holidays.

Work to a 1 rm strict press. I got to 70lbs. It wasn’t a PR but I was happy with it. I was also cleaning the bar and didn’t use a rack so I feel like that is relevant.

4 rds (:45 s work/ :15 s to travel)
Box jumps
Thrusters (DB- I used 12 lbs)
Jack knives
Wall ball

After two rounds we had a 2 min rest.

It was a tiring one and it felt good to get sweaty. I headed home and got showered and we went to J’s sisters house for a Christmas dinner. Then I pretty much went right to bed.

Today I worked until noon and did my final shopping trip. We got ready and headed to my parents house for a delicious steak and lobster dinner.

My parents have the most beautiful decorations.

It’s off to bed I go because as I said to C- the sooner we get to bed the sooner Santa comes. I hope everyone is having an amazing night with family and friends and Christmas cheer. Remember to try and relax and look around and enjoy it before it’s all gone because all the excitement is gone so quickly.

Merry Christmas!!


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