Bestie Bound!

Today I started off the day right and headed to a morning CrossFit class since I don’t work today. The WOD was a killer for the legs and they were like jelly when we finished.

7 x 2 deadlifts
7 x 2 strict pull ups

We got to 155 lbs for the deadlifts and when we increased to 165 lbs I just got one not two. I used the thinnest band for all my pull ups.

8 rounds
1 min squats
1 min push press

The idea was to get to 60 squats on the first minute. If you didn’t, then you had to do whatever was left for push press. For example on my first round I got 50 squats so I had to do 10 push press in the second minute. I used 45 lbs and then dropped to 35 lbs after the first minute.

Those squats were killer! My legs felt shaky after the first round!

Now we are headed to visit my bestie for a couple days and I am super excited about it. There will be lots of selfies posted on Instagram I am sure.

Did you workout today?

What’s your plan for New Years Eve?
We are going to a dinner dance.


One thought on “Bestie Bound!

  1. Workedked out today Cf: 3 rounds 1 min max effort Each move(25#) plated ground to overhead, overhead lunges, pullups. 1 min rest in between each set.

    Forearms were blown up!!!

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