New Year’s Eve Fun

We are spending a few days with one of my besties (we’ve known each other for almost 20 years) and her hubby in Ottawa. We have had a great time- dinner with another university friend and her family, girl time shopping and getting caught up, and getting all dressed up to ring in the new year. Oh and the food!!! Ah-ma-zing.

Last night we got all dressed up and part of the fun was getting ready. m did my hair and makeup for me and we took our time getting ready. It was really cold out and we had to get really bundled up for the short walk over.

Today was spent relaxing and eating. We went to one of my favourite breakfast spots and I got the Montreal Smoked Benedict.

Yep. That’s poutine with my breakfast.

It’s our last night here. We stayed in because it was going to be a really cold day. It was a low of minus 30!!!

It’s been a fun trip but I am missing C and can’t wait to see her tomorrow. I also am looking forward to getting back into my old routine and back to some healthier eating.

How did you spend your first day of the new year?


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