Let’s Lift Some Heavy S*#t!!!

I’m really down in the dumps.  Not something I want to get into on the interweb but let’s just say it’s been a rough couple of days.  I certainly have a lot on my plate.  Friday I had to work out.  I needed to lift something.  When I get upset or stressed I either want to go run or go lift.  It was definitely one of those days.

I got to the gym and my coach knew something was up.  Another reason why I love my crossfit family.  I didn’t need to get into it, he just knew I was there and needed to lift something and destress.  So that’s exactly what I did.  I brought C with me and she had a blast working on her loom bracelets (the kids are obsessed with those things!!).


work to a 2 RM strict press- I got to 65 lbs and got one up at 70lbs

practice ring dips- I am doing these really modified- they are tough!!!


12 rounds- EMOTM

1 shuttle run

even minutes- burpees

odd- thrusters- I did push press and kept it at 35lbs

I had a couple moments where I thought I was going to have a break down during the wod.  It was so weird.  I guess I just was emotional and the workout was a release.  C and I got pizza for dinner and we had a good night of tv watching and Mario Cart.

This morning I got up and C and I went to crossfit again.  She did more bracelet making.  My coach knows how to do them so they worked on them together.  It was pretty cute.

SWOD– teams of 3

strict press to a total weight of 2013 lbs- EACH

I did about half my reps at 45 lbs and the rest at 35 lbs

WOD– teams of 3 again

8 front squats

10 box jumps

14 kb swings

The idea was that one person did 7 burpees while another does lunges and the third worked on the cycle listed above.  When the 7 burpees were done, you would switch and someone would take over the cycle where they left off.  We were supposed to count our rounds and our total lunges.

Our team did 10 rounds and a total of 603 lunges.  It was a really good workout.  I like doing team wod’s, it’s nice to have people to push you.

I wish I had that team with me to tackle my next challenge- putting away all our Christmas decorations.  I am dreading it.  I have started but by started I mean I brought the boxes up from the basement.

I found this quote and it really stuck with me so I wanted to share it.

be kind
be kind

I hope you all are having a great weekend.


Do you like team wod’s?

Always love team wod’s or partner wods.

Have you put away your Christmas decorations yet?


5 thoughts on “Let’s Lift Some Heavy S*#t!!!

  1. I do like partner WODs. Oddly I work so much harder when someone else is depending on me. When it’s just me against me i don’t feel the same sense of “go go go”. And my decorations and tree were down the day after Christmas …it felt great to put it all away!!!

    • Thanks so much Cori. It’s definitely been a rough few days. I wish I could say it will get better, but it’s not looking that way for awhile. Just trying my best to keep my chin up. I appreciate your hug. 🙂

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