New Friend Friday

First things first. I think I have found a new mantra.

I think it’s perfect.

Anyway, today was a busy day at work and then I headed straight to CrossFit.

7 x 2 dead lifts- I worked up to 155 lbs and then went back down for the last two sets.

I found my legs were really tight today for the dead lifts. I guess it’s from my at home WOD from last night.

pull ups

I did push press instead of thrusters because my leg is sore today. I used 45 lbs for them. For the pull ups I used the blue band and then scaled down to the green band. My arms are definitely feeling it tonight. After the WOD we did a max hold plank. I almost made 2 minutes. Then it was a max hold side plank on each side. Then we repeated all the planks again.

When we got home we got a very special delivery. A new friend. Meet Cocoa!!!


Isn’t she cute! She is pretty nervous tonight but I think she is warming up to us. I think she will like joining our family.

Hope you have a great weekend everyone!!

Have you got any pets?


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