I Love the Feeling of…

I thought I would share with you some things I loved about my day today and my weekend in general. I figured a list format would be easiest for us all so that’s what I’m going with.

1. I love the feeling of
having a friend I haven’t seen in ages come over for a morning visit with a starby in hand. It was soooo nice to see her and get caught up. We chatted for a couple hours and time just flew by. I was also able to get a lot off my chest and that felt really good.

2. I love the feeling of having awesome leftovers in your fridge to make a delicious brunch to eat on the couch watching tv.

A fried egg with leftover steak and veggies.

3. I love the feeling of getting my groceries done for the week and feeling organized with what we are going to do for our meals. J and I have been doing SO good with our eating and we are both already seeing results so we have to just keep it going.

4. I love the feeling of the weather being warm enough for me to run outside again!

Some running selfies and the mix I am loving right now.

5. I love the feeling of an awesome running mix to get me pumped up during my run. I use the app Rock My Run and this Girl on Fire mix is so good. It has all kinds of music in it including the Lumineers and Macklemore and even some country. It kept me moving the whole time at a great pace.

6. I love the feeling of how good my legs feel after I have run. I did 5 km and I love that kind of sore but not really feeling. It’s just a feeling of achievement I think. I don’t on the other hand like the feeling I have in my IT band that started at the very end of my run. I have rolled it and it has helped but may need some ice tonight.

I love the feeling of how content I am with my life right now. Honestly, I’m one lucky lady. I can’t think of anything it’s missing.

What do you love the feeling of?

Do you use any apps for your workout music?


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