Feeling the Burn


My entire body soreness that I was feeling Tuesday felt better yesterday so I decided to celebrate the best way I know how.  A trip to CrossFit!


7 x 1 push press- we weren’t looking to PR so it was just find a heavy weight and go with it.  I worked to 80 lbs and stopped there.


5 rounds (3 min each)

5 push press

10 front squats

15 sit ups

We were supposed to count our rounds and see how many cycles we got through.  I got through 10 and was almost done my front squats on number 11.  It was a decent number and I was proud of myself.  I used 45lbs for the push press and front squats.  My legs were burning after the second round and for some reason my wrists were on fire for the whole wod.  It was one of those workouts where you have to grunt to get through it.  Attractive I know.  But hey, I am not there to impress anyone but myself, and I definitely impressed myself.

As I was packing up my gym bag and heading out I noticed my legs were shaky.  I knew what I was in for today, and I was right.

so so true
so so true


My quads are definitely feeling the burn still today.  #hurtssogood

When I got home I needed to make a speedy dinner for us because we had some super exciting plans to attend.  I cannot share the super exciting plans yet but I promise I will as soon as I have permission.  I made a winning recipe I found on Pinterest that I have made several times in the past.  It’s really quick and so so delicious.  It’s a Korean Beef Bowl made with ground beef instead of those amazing thin beef pieces.

You can find the recipe here .

So delicious!
So delicious!

I served it over Jasmine rice, and in my variation I added broccoli and peas to it.  It is a winning dish for sure.  Even C devoured every bite.  The best part is I have lots of leftovers and can’t wait to have it for lunch today.

Tonight will be another rest night for me because I have a hair appointment to get my do did.  I know I don’t have to tell you how much I enjoy that so I won’t get into it.  I am sure there will be some post hair appointment selfies flooding the Interweb tomorrow so stay tuned for that.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Tell me something exciting in your life right now?

Are you planning a workout today? 



7 thoughts on “Feeling the Burn

  1. Oh! Thanks for the recipe link! I’ve been in a food rut lately and will be going grocery shopping tomorrow. Must try this! BTW, 80# for push press is damn good in my book! My max is 5×3 @70#! Good for you!

  2. I can completely relate. You know it’s been a good workout when you need to use your arms to lower yourself on the loo!

    Something exciting in my life? Ufff, tricky one….I am thinking of starting a mobile nail business…I’ll have to virtually shellac your nails for you! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the quick recipe idea. Am always looking for quick, post-crossfit dinner ideas. Last night we ate chicken wings (frozen, from a package) because neither of us could lift our arms after (what felt like) a million shoulders-to-overhead. It was the first day of our prep classes for the Crossfit Open…I may not survive lol.

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