A Dream Come True

Thursday night we got to do something amazing.  We made C’s dreams come true.  We have been going through some tough times, especially C and this was just what we needed for a little spirit lifting.  For Christmas J and I got her tickets to see her favourite singer- Keith Urban!!!  She has loved him ever since she first saw him on American Idol.  She listens to his music every night before bed and we are thoroughly enjoying this season of American Idol.  The judges this year have such great chemistry together.  Harry Connick Jr especially cracks me up.

Anyway, the concert was in London (Ontario) so we headed there and met up with some friends there and we all had dinner together.  Then our friends dropped us at the show.  It was SUCH a good show.  He is so funny and had the crowd going!  J and I aren’t big fans but we definitely had a great time.

Amazing concert
Amazing concert

The best part was seeing how much fun C was having.  She was singing and clapping along to every single song.  She knew almost every single word.  It was a late night and she sure was tired on the way home but it was definitely worth it.  It didn’t hurt that it was a PA Day the next day.  I got choked up a couple times just seeing how happy she was.  I don’t think that’s a night she or I will forget in a long time.

My beauty
My beauty

What’s the last concert you have been to?


Who would you LOVE to see in concert?

For me that would be Garth Brooks for sure.


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