Christine and More Freaking Snow

Things have been nuts for me. I think after this weekend we will finally feel a sense of calm and closure and we can move on. I think the future holds some pretty great things and that’s what I’m going to focus on.

I had the day off yesterday and me and C went out for breakfast with my friend K and her boys. It looked like this.

Clearly I didn’t go for the healthy option. Whatever. YOLO. (Did I just say that?)  After breakfast we did some errands and then I went to CrossFit and C went to hang at K’s house.

Trap bar 5 sets of 10
I honestly don’t know what weight I did. I has 25lbs on each side but I don’t know what the bar weighs. The trap bar is really cool. It’s like a dead lift but it takes some pressure off the back.

3 rounds
500 m row
12 dead lifts
21 box jumps

I used 95 lbs for the deadlift. It’s was killer. It took me 16:20. Not too shabby.

My poor girl was sick last night. She was throwing up so none of us got much sleep. I think tonight will need to be an early night.

Oh and today we woke up to more snow. Unfortunately we had somewhere we had to be so we couldn’t just hanker down in the house.


I’m so over winter. I am sure I have mentioned it many times. I counting down the days until J and I have our warm vacation. It’s getting closer.

20140125-161438.jpgBecause I was off Friday I keep feeling like today is Sunday.  I think tomorrow will feel super awesome as a result.  It’s like a bonus day.  Which is good since I have lots I still want to accomplish this weekend.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend.

Am I alone in my hatred for Winter?  Who’s with me?

Tell me something great about your weekend?


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