I Did Burpees on Purpose

As I have mentioned I have been feeling extremely lazy the last week.  I know it’s normal.  People handle grief in different ways.  Apparently I handle it by shutting down and becoming a permanent fixture on my couch and a stranger to my kitchen.  I also don’t think I am very fun to be around.  But it’s part of life and you do what you can.

I didn’t make it to my regular Wednesday CrossFit class so I felt like I really needed to get a workout in.  I decided I was going to do my own at home wod last night.  I decided this and then proceeded to do nothing about it.  Finally I decided I would throw on my purple pants and get on with it.  And that worked.  I had the outfit so why not get to it?! Here’s what I threw together.




Hang cleans to overhead with dumbbells

Sit ups

That’s right folks.  I chose to do burpees in my own created workout.  I was so glad I did because it was a great workout and it was really quick.  I actually got through the burpees quite easily.  Even the first 21 in a row.  I did them unbroken!  I used 8lb dumbbells because that’s what I have.  I would have used heavier if I had them.

The gun show lol
The gun show lol

I then decided I would do 100 Russian twists with a dumbbell and then I finished with a Tabata of wall sits.  Not bad at all.  The workout actually put me in an amazing mood and inspired me to stay off the couch and cook a meal!!!  J came home and found me hard at work in the kitchen and I don’t think he was disappointed to see that.

I made a really random dinner that turned out to be really delicious.  We had thin pork chops that I marinated in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic.  I cut those up and sautéed them in a pan with mini peppers, garlic and cherry tomatoes.  Instead of my usual olive oil to cook in I used coconut oil.  (I’m really loving the coconut oil and mini peppers right now).  At the end when it was almost done I added some bocconcini cheese which I must say was a really good call because it made it delicious!

The finished product
The finished product

Both J and I really liked it.  It was just thrown together but turned out so good.  I also found it made a delicious breakfast for me this morning.  Double win!

I am loving the fact that it’s Friday and the weekend is just about here for me.  I am hoping to keep this motivation going all weekend and be productive but still enjoy myself.

What are you excited about this weekend?

I have some visiting to look forward to.

Burpees- love or hate them?

Honestly, I am starting to like them.  I think all the time off from them when I was injured actually made me appreciate them!


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