A Cold Weather Warning…Pfft

Oh heyyyyy. I’m so excited that I am pretty much giddy. It’s the final countdown for our vacation and I can’t hide my excitement. Also two straight days of the Bachelor doesn’t hurt.

After work today I hit up CrossFit and we started with a strength wod of 5 sets of 3 back squats with a pause. I did 105 lbs and decided I didn’t want to push it. I really don’t want to be injured for my trip.

4 rounds
1 min shuttle run
1 min pull ups
1 min push ups
1 min DB thrusters

Each round had a one minute rest after it. It was nasty on the arms going from pull ups to push ups and then thrusters! I used the blue band for my pull ups and was impressed I didn’t feel like I needed to move down to the green. The thrusters I did with 12 lb dumbbells.

By the way have you checked out my Instagram? Besillybestrong. You should.

I made a really yummy stir fry with a home made teriyaki kind of sauce that turned out good. I didn’t take a picture though. Blogger fail.

The big news here is that we are in another cold weather alert here in Ontario. It’s annoying. We had a nice warm break over the weekend. Which was minus 3 and it’s sad that it felt warm. But speaking of warm. Check out the weather I will be experiencing very very soon.

Tough life right?

I obviously love going on vacation anytime but something about this trip is different because I feel like I really need it. I need a break and after everything that’s happened over the last two months I deserve to relax. It’s going to be such a great time with J and our friends.

This week is off to a pretty great start! I hope you guys are having a great week too!

Have you got any vacations planned?

Have you been watching the Bachelor? Who do you want to win?


Oops! I’ve Been Negligent and I’m Sorry

Welp I see it has been a long time since I posted. I’m sure no one noticed but just in case I do apologize. It’s been pretty hectic around here but I have been very productive so it’s all good.

Friday CrossFit recap. We did rack pulls and deficit dead lifts. I thought the deficit dead lifts were tough. Both are good to help improve your form. Then the workout was a choice of two out of three. Grace, Karen and Annie. I chose Grace to start which is 30 clean and jerks. I used 55 lbs and finished it in 4:04. Not too bad at all. I definitely avoided Karen which is 150 wall balls. So that left Annie which is 50-40-30-20-10 double unders and sit ups. Since I have been going to CrossFit for 2 years now I wasn’t getting off easy for a substitute for double unders since I should know how to do them. So I had to do half burpees and then twice as many skips. So for example instead of the 50 double unders I did 25 burpees and 100 skips. Brutal. I wasn’t able to complete the workout bc I had to go pick up C from daycare.

For the evening we had a baby shower for my niece. C got some cousin cuddles in.


Saturday morning the wod started with some strength and we did presses, squats and deadlifts. Then the workout was a partner one

22 min AMRAP
11 push press
11 back squats
11 burpees
11 box jumps

While you do this rotation your partner does lunges for half and sit ups for half and then switch. The kicker was EMOTM the partner lunging or sit uping had to do 2 man makers.

This workout was a doozy. After the gym we had a bunch of errands and then C went for a play date and I went for a spa day with my sister in law and I got a mani and a pedi.

I’m in trip prep mode and so nails are done. Today I have done some packing and I have a good start on it. I’m feeling pretty organized.

I went for a run this morning and did about 5km. I don’t really track it so I can’t say for sure. I was going to do a 6km route that I have mapped out but the sidewalks were too icy I had to switch it up. There was one point where I was totally airborne and am so lucky I didn’t break a limb. I’m sure it was funny to watch.

Some scenes from my run today. I listened to a new Rock My Run mix called Dusty Roads that was all country and I loved it. It’s definitely a new favourite.

Well I need to get back to being productive. I hope everyone is having a great day!

Anyone watch hockey this morning along with 90% of Canadians?
We did!

What was the best part of your weekend?

A Recipe and A Short Week

It’s great to start your day thinking it’s Monday and then remembering it’s actually Tuesday and you are starting the week with one day already under your belt.  I’ve only got to get through 4 days of work this week!  That’s how yesterday started and it was a great feeling.  Now it’s already hump day already!

As I mentioned Monday I tried a new recipe and it turned out pretty delicious.  I found a recipe for Sweet Potato Cakes on Pinterest and decided I would try it out.  I didn’t have all the ingredients when I looked at it and decided I would just make my own version instead.  I think they turned out really well.

Not the prettiest, but they were delicious.  trust me.
Not the prettiest, but they were delicious. trust me.

Since I don’t measure anything, I don’t have a recipe per se, but rather a description of what I did.  I took one really big sweet potato and cooked it in the microwave.  Don’t forget to poke holes in it so it doesn’t explode!  After it was cooked I scooped it out of the skin into a big bowl.  I added some minced onion and garlic and some frozen corn.  For seasonings I did salt and pepper, garlic salt, chili powder and cumin.  I also added a bunch of Italian bread crumbs.  Then I just mixed it all up, made them into patties and fried them in a hot pan coated with coconut oil.  It had really good flavours.  You could really use any kind of spices in there.  I really liked the corn and can’t wait for sweet corn season to add fresh corn into them!  With just the one big sweet potato it made 8 patties.

I had one for breakfast the last two mornings as well and it was a great base for a fried egg.  I served it with a homemade turkey meatball and it was a healthy breakfast with lots of protein that kept me full till my morning snack.



I didn’t go to CrossFit yesterday as it was my normal rest day because C has singing.  She was too funny, she told me her legs were sore from all her squats.  And her tummy.  Her little muscles were feeling it from her workout on Monday.  She told me she thought she should foam roll last night.  Too cute- just like her mama!  I was also still sore from my run.  My IT band is furious with me and is still throbbing.  Our parking lot at work is quite bumpy with all the snow and walking on the uneven ground is killer.  My knee feels like it is jolted around.  I honestly think the uneven run surface of Monday’s run is what made it so sore.  I hope that’s all it was because I have the 15km relay coming up at the end of March that I am running with my sister.


Tonight would normally be a CrossFit night but I am in full vacation prep mode and tonight I have a hair appointment.  #priorities  If I feel up to it maybe I will do a mini wod at home.  It depends when I get home.


Hope everyone has a great humpday- the weekend countdown is on!!!


Do you love getting your hair done as much as I do?


What’s your favourite breakfast lately?  I could use some new ideas. 



Rappin’ While I Run and A Pep Talk

This was a long weekend for us Ontarians and it couldn’t have come at a bigger time for me.  I’ve been feeling really burnt out so the extra day off was just what I needed to get a little more organized and a little extra rest.  Sunday morning I was in bed until almost 9:30!!!  Amazing!  I spent the day organizing our storage room and unpacking the last of my boxes, yes it’s been a year.  But I am finally done.  It feels great every time I walk through the upstairs hallway and don’t see the boxes all piled up and full of junk.  We had J’s family over for dinner yesterday as a belated birthday for his Mom.  It was really nice to all get together.  And we got to see our little niece.  J made pretty much all of dinner and it was incredible.  He made roasted pork loin, broccoli and a bacon bomb.  What is a bacon bomb you ask?  Well it’s a little slice of heaven.

It was the bomb.
It was the bomb.

Basically it’s like scalloped potato’s completely wrapped in bacon served like a pie.  It was a really big hit.  His sister was in charge of dessert and despite having a cranky one month old at home made this amazing cake.

Amazing right???
Amazing right???

This morning we got up and C and I headed over to CrossFit where they were having a Family workout.  It was a fundraiser and we had a blast.  We were definitely pretty pumped to get our sweat on.


Ready to work
Ready to work


The wod was something everyone could do at every age.  C told me a couple times her legs hurt.  She was really working hard!  Here’s what we did.

4 rounds

1 min push press with dumb bells

1 min squats

1 min sit ups

1 min box jumps

At the beginning of every minute we did 3 burpees for kids and 5 burpees for adults.  There was a minute rest between each round.  It was a ton of fun and I think it was great to involve the kids and get them moving.  I really hope we it more often.

After we got home and had lunch J took C tobogganing at the farm and I headed into town for a run.  I have a race at the end of March that I have definitely not trained enough for.  So I decided to do my 3km loop- twice.  Man it sucked.  The sidewalks were not as clear as I had hoped and they were bumpy and hard to run on.  It was killer on my IT band and after the first loop it burned and I really wanted to stop.  I had stopped to walk a bit over a rough patch and I was texting my friend Laura.  She gave me a hashtag pep talk and it was just what I needed to kick my butt and keep me going.

That's what friends are for...
That’s what friends are for…


The other thing that got me through was my music.  I had made a new playlist before I went and was belting out the tunes while running on the path.  I am sure people thought I was crazy but you have to do what you have to do.  Eminem really was my favourite.  The song 25 to Life has always been one of my running favourites.  I was rapping up a storm out there.

#badass #notreally
#badass #notreally


I got home and foam rolled and enjoyed a nice hot tea and a hot shower.  We had a healthy dinner and I did some meal prep.  I have a new recipe to share with you but that’s going to wait until tomorrow because this blog post already has a ton of photos in it.  Now I am off to foam roll again and ice my IT band.  You gotta do what you gotta do right?

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and a great long weekend to all you fellow Ontarians.

What did you do with your extra day this weekend?


How do you get through a tough run?  Any pointers?







Deadlifts and Date Night

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day which as I mentioned in my previous post I really enjoy. I had a busy day at work and then headed straight to CrossFit for a Valentines workout. I was glad to get a workout in before our dinner date.

We started with our SWOD which was to work up to a 1rm dead lift. Day maker. I was feeling super awesome and got myself a new PR! I lifted 195lbs! I did feel my back was slightly rounded in that lift so I knew my form wasn’t perfect so I stopped there. I am so close to 200!

The WOD was a partner workout.

18 min AMRAP
14 thrusters
14 burpees
14 lunges

The idea was one partner starts with this and the other does 14 kb swings and 14 sit ups. When the partner is done these 2 movements you switch and the other partner picks up where it was left off in the thrusters, burpees and lunges cycle.

I subbed in push press for thrusters and used 45 lbs. I did one round with 55 but it felt too heavy. One thing I noticed about this wod was it was a ton of burpees. My partner and I got 5 rounds in. It felt great. I had to rush out to get C from school so I didn’t stretch off. I intended to foam roll when I got home but I didn’t. Fail. Big time.

J and I went to my favourite restaurant which is also one of the places we used to go when we first started dating so I am sentimental to it. It was a four course meal and I had the best dessert of my life there.

He even let me take a selfie before our date!!!


This morning I woke up S-O-R-E. Yeah the not foam rolling was a major fail and I was stiff. Also my lower back is really sore from the deadlifts. I knew today’s workout would be challenging especially since Saturday WOD’s are always a little more intense.

75 back squats
100 burpees
75 front squats
100 double unders/ sit ups
75 push press
100 lunges

We worked in partners and only one person worked at a time. I wanted to go super light since my back was sore so we just added and removed weight. We were supposed to use half our body weight for the lifts but there was no way I could do that. I used 65 for the back squats and 45 for the front squats and push press. My partner and I finished in 28:20. Not bad at all. After the wod our coach had us do a bunch of different plank holds, including side planks. It ended with a plank for 1:30 and if you dropped you had to burpees. So I had to do quite a few burpees. It was exhausting. I did stretch and foam roll when I finished and intend on reuniting with the foam roller later this afternoon.

Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday!

Do you have a Saturday workout planned?

Did you have a Valentines date?

My Amazing Valentine

A lot of people complain about Valentine’s Day being commercialised and a money grab and why only show your affection one day a year?  I disagree.  I think it’s adorable.  And to those that argue we should do those things every day not just once a year- I agree with that, but it’s still nice to do something cute on Valentine’s Day.  I think me and J do really well with showing each other how much we love each other all year round.  I do like to do something special for him on Valentines Day regardless.

We have a nice dinner planned just the two of us and I am really looking forward to it.  What can I say about J.  He is such an awesome guy and I can’t even begin to express how I feel about him.  He is so supportive and encouraging to me.  I feel loved every day not just because he tells me, but because of how he treats me and C.

It sounds cheesy but he treats me such a way that I didn’t think was real.  I definitely never felt this special in past relationships.  I feel safe and loved and he makes me laugh so much.  We have so much fun together.  He really doesn’t like me posting pics of him but I am going to make an exception.

there's nothing more romantic than a photo collage
there’s nothing more romantic than a photo collage

He surprised me with flowers a day early because he wanted me to be the first one at work to get Valentines’ Day flowers.  And I was so surprised!  It was a beautiful surprise.  I am the envy of the office.

Best.  Boyfriend.  Ever.
Best. Boyfriend. Ever.

PS yes I am totally loving my PicFX app these days and throwing those hearts on everything.  I think they are adorable.

Hope you have an awesome Valentine’s day!

Have you got any special plans with your Valentine?

Do you like Valentine’s Day?

Keeping My Chin Up

I feel like I am in a real funk. It’s a combination of many things that all kind of happened at once. I feel like I am getting last things and making progress and then something else happens and kind of knocks me back down.

Recent events in my life have dragged me back to a part of my life that I thought was behind me and that I had “dealt with”. I see now that those things will never be “dealt with” but rather they have helped shape who I am and the other relationships in my life. They have made me more confident, a better girlfriend to J and a better Mom. I had go through those things to get where I am now.

Until meeting J and becoming a stronger person both physically and mentally I had A LOT of insecurities. Everyone does, I get that. But mine were many. And I have overcome so many of them. The problem is I kind of forgot lately. I let myself slip back into that non confident, timid, insecure person I used to be. I started to feel like I didn’t know how to deal with it and I need to remember that I do. And I did. And I still can.

It’s not been easy to see my little girl so devastated and not know how to fix it. The bottom line is I can’t. I can just be there for her. That’s what I am trying to do. We are all there for each other. We are a strong family with a strong bond and so much love.

I read a quote the other day by Shirley Temple and it totally stuck with me. “there’s nothing like real love. Nothing”. It’s so true. That’s what keeps me going.

I need to put aside this feeling sorry for myself and snap out of it and enjoy this life I have created. Yes there’s been a bump in the road. But C and I have gotten through some pretty significant bumps. We can get through this too.

I saw a sign before Christmas at a local store that had this quote.

I think I will go back and get it for myself this weekend. And I will keep my chin up and not let the stress I am under get the best of me.

Today’s workout at CrossFit made me feel strong and it always boosts my mood and my confidence when I feel that strength. It was just what I needed.

5,5,3,3,1,1,1 push press. I worked up to 95 lbs today and it felt pretty amazing.

5 rds. 2 min rounds
5 cleans with 2 push press
5 front squats
10 box jumps
Then burpees for the rest of the 2 minutes. The idea was to count your total burpees. We got 30s rest between rounds. My total burpees was 32 which was right on point with the rest of the class. I used 55 lbs for this wod.

It was a quiet night with a quick visit from a friend and some cuddle time with my girl. Now I am calling it a night early to try and catch up on some much needed sleep

Does a workout help make a bad mood or day better for you?

What did you do today to treat yourself ?