Renegade Squats and Sore Traps

Happy February everyone! The best part of it being February 1st is that I can now officially count down our trip at the end of THIS month. Woohoooo!!!

Friday I left work a little early to go watch my girl get an award at school. She got the Striving for Excellence Award. I took pictures but they didn’t turn out very good. After the assembly I hit up CrossFit. We had choices for which WOD to do. One was DT which is a pretty awesome lifting wod. I did a variation of it that my coach calls E.W. It’s the same movements but less reps. I’ve done it before and liked it a lot so I chose that wod.

9 deadlifts
6 hang power cleans
3 push press

When I did it last time I used 65lbs for the dead lift and 55 lbs for the cleans and presses. I finished it in 9:12 last time. I decided I would up the weight this time. I last did that wod in September so that was right when I was recovering from my quad injury.

I set up 95lbs for the deadlift and 65lbs for the cleans and presses. I did the first round and decided to drop down to 85lbs and 55lbs. I finished it in 8:05. I was kicking myself after for dropping my weight. I should have left it at the weights I originally set up. Though I am really feeling those hangs and presses today in my traps!

This morning we got up and C and I went back to CrossFit. She likes going Saturdays there are always other kids there. Today our warm up was tough. It seemed everyone was wiped out after the warm up. We did all the usual movements and lots of warm up lifting in it as well. We had a partner wod today and it was a killer.

150 push ups. Partner holds top of push up position while the other is working. If you have to break we has to do 30s wall sits. We took two wall sit breaks and split our push ups doing 5 at a time.

Then we did Renegade Squats. It was 1 min each of back squats, then front squats and then air squats. We went super light and did 55lbs. We got to rest for a min of each when our partner was working. We had to do 3 rounds!!!

Then we finished with 50 burpees. We split them again and did them in 5’s.

Our total reps for squats was 567 and we finished in 29:27. Exhausting. I’m going to do some extra foam rolling tonight for sure!

After lunch I went to the mall and did some shopping. I also went and got a new mini blender bottle and some new protein powder. I wanted one that was less like a shake and more like a juice so I got this one. It’s huge but it was $30 off!!!


Now I’m doing a little bit of this before J and I go on a little date tonight.

By the way I don’t know if I have mentioned my love for my Hunter boot socks but I am slightly obsessed with them. They are so cozy I have been wearing them as slippers. I definitely need another pair.

Do you like protein shakes?
I only like them when I use almond milk and water not just straight water.

Are you having a date night tonight?
We are going out for dinner!


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