Daydreaming and Snowmagedon

Welp.  Here we go again with ANOTHER dumping of snow.  Mother Nature must be really pissed off at us this year because she has been relentless.  We woke up to heavy winds and blowing snow and I think about 5 cm of snow but it was still coming down.  In fact, the part of Ontario where I live is forecasting a total of 20 cm by the end of the day.  The crazy part is that schools were NOT cancelled.  Yet last week they were when it was kind of windy out.  I decided not to brave the roads and my daughter stayed home with her Grandmother.  The road that I travel on for home and work is in the middle of a lot a fields, as I live and work in a rural area.  The blowing snow has caused ZERO visibility.  No thanks.

I am looking forward to ditching this:


For this:


Cannot come soon enough friends.

Monday wod recap was as follows:

SWOD– 5 x 5 back squats and then 5 x 5 strict press

I got up to 85 lbs for the squats and kept my strict press at 55lbs


10 min AMRAP

15 sit ups 10 KB swings

I found this one really boring.  The sit ups were supposed to be 10 jack knives in rings, but those hurt my quad/hip still so I did sit ups instead and upped it to 15.


10 min AMRAP

1 bear crawl

5 wall ball

5 burpees

10 lunges

This one ended up being a lot more difficult than it sounded.  I found the bear crawl to be very hard on my quad but I powered through and kept doing it.  Combined it was definitely a good overall workout.

Tuesday was a rest for me.  I have been fighting a cold or something so it was ok with me to have my rest day.  I am supposed to go tonight but it looks like we could be cancelled due to the weather.  I may just attempt to do something on my own at home instead.  I am not sure I want to brave the roads.  We will have to wait and see how they look in a couple hours.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe!


Did you get snow today?


Are you over Winter or are you loving it?


3 thoughts on “Daydreaming and Snowmagedon

  1. Wow, looks crazy out! Stay safe and just be cozy inside with a mug of tea as much as possible 🙂

    My first winter in bc is a breeze, i can’t really complain but i will be happy when it gets a little warmer out.

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