My Inner Ballerina

It’s my favourite day of the week! Saturday! I love Saturdays for many reasons, one of them being partner workouts at CrossFit.

Let’s not forget I need to recap my Friday first. After work I headed to CrossFit. I was feeling a little under the weather but I didn’t want to miss it so I thought I would go and just take it easy.

3 rep max deadlift- I stopped at 145 lbs

1 min DB thrusters
1 min burpees
1 min skipping
1 min sit ups

We did 2 rounds and then had a two minute rest, then we did another 2 rounds.

We had a relaxing evening. James made me a delicious dinner.

This mornings workout was a partner one. After our warm up we got right to the WOD.

*25 thrusters
25 lunges
25 sit ups
*this part we both had to do
Then we did 100 back squats together, while one worked the other did burpees.
Then it was another round of the thrusters, lunges and sit ups.
Next was 100 kettle bell swings while the other did wall hold.
Then we got another round of the thrusters, lunges and sit ups. There was another round planned but no one got to it. So he added 3 minutes to the clock and we did as many dumb bell clean and press as we could.

It was quite a workout. No taking it easy this morning. I need to tell you about my leg warmers. They are bringing me so much joy. And warmth. They are perfect for to and from the gym. I always wear crops so now I don’t need to pack a pair of pants as well I just rock the leg warmers.

And I feel like a ballerina. So that’s pretty awesome too.

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday. We are off for a family visit now.

Are you a fan of leg warmers?
I kind of like feeling like a dancer from Flashdance.

Are you doing anything exciting today?


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