My Amazing Valentine

A lot of people complain about Valentine’s Day being commercialised and a money grab and why only show your affection one day a year?  I disagree.  I think it’s adorable.  And to those that argue we should do those things every day not just once a year- I agree with that, but it’s still nice to do something cute on Valentine’s Day.  I think me and J do really well with showing each other how much we love each other all year round.  I do like to do something special for him on Valentines Day regardless.

We have a nice dinner planned just the two of us and I am really looking forward to it.  What can I say about J.  He is such an awesome guy and I can’t even begin to express how I feel about him.  He is so supportive and encouraging to me.  I feel loved every day not just because he tells me, but because of how he treats me and C.

It sounds cheesy but he treats me such a way that I didn’t think was real.  I definitely never felt this special in past relationships.  I feel safe and loved and he makes me laugh so much.  We have so much fun together.  He really doesn’t like me posting pics of him but I am going to make an exception.

there's nothing more romantic than a photo collage
there’s nothing more romantic than a photo collage

He surprised me with flowers a day early because he wanted me to be the first one at work to get Valentines’ Day flowers.  And I was so surprised!  It was a beautiful surprise.  I am the envy of the office.

Best.  Boyfriend.  Ever.
Best. Boyfriend. Ever.

PS yes I am totally loving my PicFX app these days and throwing those hearts on everything.  I think they are adorable.

Hope you have an awesome Valentine’s day!

Have you got any special plans with your Valentine?

Do you like Valentine’s Day?


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