Deadlifts and Date Night

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day which as I mentioned in my previous post I really enjoy. I had a busy day at work and then headed straight to CrossFit for a Valentines workout. I was glad to get a workout in before our dinner date.

We started with our SWOD which was to work up to a 1rm dead lift. Day maker. I was feeling super awesome and got myself a new PR! I lifted 195lbs! I did feel my back was slightly rounded in that lift so I knew my form wasn’t perfect so I stopped there. I am so close to 200!

The WOD was a partner workout.

18 min AMRAP
14 thrusters
14 burpees
14 lunges

The idea was one partner starts with this and the other does 14 kb swings and 14 sit ups. When the partner is done these 2 movements you switch and the other partner picks up where it was left off in the thrusters, burpees and lunges cycle.

I subbed in push press for thrusters and used 45 lbs. I did one round with 55 but it felt too heavy. One thing I noticed about this wod was it was a ton of burpees. My partner and I got 5 rounds in. It felt great. I had to rush out to get C from school so I didn’t stretch off. I intended to foam roll when I got home but I didn’t. Fail. Big time.

J and I went to my favourite restaurant which is also one of the places we used to go when we first started dating so I am sentimental to it. It was a four course meal and I had the best dessert of my life there.

He even let me take a selfie before our date!!!


This morning I woke up S-O-R-E. Yeah the not foam rolling was a major fail and I was stiff. Also my lower back is really sore from the deadlifts. I knew today’s workout would be challenging especially since Saturday WOD’s are always a little more intense.

75 back squats
100 burpees
75 front squats
100 double unders/ sit ups
75 push press
100 lunges

We worked in partners and only one person worked at a time. I wanted to go super light since my back was sore so we just added and removed weight. We were supposed to use half our body weight for the lifts but there was no way I could do that. I used 65 for the back squats and 45 for the front squats and push press. My partner and I finished in 28:20. Not bad at all. After the wod our coach had us do a bunch of different plank holds, including side planks. It ended with a plank for 1:30 and if you dropped you had to burpees. So I had to do quite a few burpees. It was exhausting. I did stretch and foam roll when I finished and intend on reuniting with the foam roller later this afternoon.

Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday!

Do you have a Saturday workout planned?

Did you have a Valentines date?


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