Rappin’ While I Run and A Pep Talk

This was a long weekend for us Ontarians and it couldn’t have come at a bigger time for me.  I’ve been feeling really burnt out so the extra day off was just what I needed to get a little more organized and a little extra rest.  Sunday morning I was in bed until almost 9:30!!!  Amazing!  I spent the day organizing our storage room and unpacking the last of my boxes, yes it’s been a year.  But I am finally done.  It feels great every time I walk through the upstairs hallway and don’t see the boxes all piled up and full of junk.  We had J’s family over for dinner yesterday as a belated birthday for his Mom.  It was really nice to all get together.  And we got to see our little niece.  J made pretty much all of dinner and it was incredible.  He made roasted pork loin, broccoli and a bacon bomb.  What is a bacon bomb you ask?  Well it’s a little slice of heaven.

It was the bomb.
It was the bomb.

Basically it’s like scalloped potato’s completely wrapped in bacon served like a pie.  It was a really big hit.  His sister was in charge of dessert and despite having a cranky one month old at home made this amazing cake.

Amazing right???
Amazing right???

This morning we got up and C and I headed over to CrossFit where they were having a Family workout.  It was a fundraiser and we had a blast.  We were definitely pretty pumped to get our sweat on.


Ready to work
Ready to work


The wod was something everyone could do at every age.  C told me a couple times her legs hurt.  She was really working hard!  Here’s what we did.

4 rounds

1 min push press with dumb bells

1 min squats

1 min sit ups

1 min box jumps

At the beginning of every minute we did 3 burpees for kids and 5 burpees for adults.  There was a minute rest between each round.  It was a ton of fun and I think it was great to involve the kids and get them moving.  I really hope we it more often.

After we got home and had lunch J took C tobogganing at the farm and I headed into town for a run.  I have a race at the end of March that I have definitely not trained enough for.  So I decided to do my 3km loop- twice.  Man it sucked.  The sidewalks were not as clear as I had hoped and they were bumpy and hard to run on.  It was killer on my IT band and after the first loop it burned and I really wanted to stop.  I had stopped to walk a bit over a rough patch and I was texting my friend Laura.  She gave me a hashtag pep talk and it was just what I needed to kick my butt and keep me going.

That's what friends are for...
That’s what friends are for…


The other thing that got me through was my music.  I had made a new playlist before I went and was belting out the tunes while running on the path.  I am sure people thought I was crazy but you have to do what you have to do.  Eminem really was my favourite.  The song 25 to Life has always been one of my running favourites.  I was rapping up a storm out there.

#badass #notreally
#badass #notreally


I got home and foam rolled and enjoyed a nice hot tea and a hot shower.  We had a healthy dinner and I did some meal prep.  I have a new recipe to share with you but that’s going to wait until tomorrow because this blog post already has a ton of photos in it.  Now I am off to foam roll again and ice my IT band.  You gotta do what you gotta do right?

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and a great long weekend to all you fellow Ontarians.

What did you do with your extra day this weekend?


How do you get through a tough run?  Any pointers?








2 thoughts on “Rappin’ While I Run and A Pep Talk

  1. Yayyy! I’m proud of you for the run, and your workout. What an active day you had! You actually motivated me to go for a run today too when I was feeling warm and cozy inside, and I am really glad I did it. xo

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