Oops! I’ve Been Negligent and I’m Sorry

Welp I see it has been a long time since I posted. I’m sure no one noticed but just in case I do apologize. It’s been pretty hectic around here but I have been very productive so it’s all good.

Friday CrossFit recap. We did rack pulls and deficit dead lifts. I thought the deficit dead lifts were tough. Both are good to help improve your form. Then the workout was a choice of two out of three. Grace, Karen and Annie. I chose Grace to start which is 30 clean and jerks. I used 55 lbs and finished it in 4:04. Not too bad at all. I definitely avoided Karen which is 150 wall balls. So that left Annie which is 50-40-30-20-10 double unders and sit ups. Since I have been going to CrossFit for 2 years now I wasn’t getting off easy for a substitute for double unders since I should know how to do them. So I had to do half burpees and then twice as many skips. So for example instead of the 50 double unders I did 25 burpees and 100 skips. Brutal. I wasn’t able to complete the workout bc I had to go pick up C from daycare.

For the evening we had a baby shower for my niece. C got some cousin cuddles in.


Saturday morning the wod started with some strength and we did presses, squats and deadlifts. Then the workout was a partner one

22 min AMRAP
11 push press
11 back squats
11 burpees
11 box jumps

While you do this rotation your partner does lunges for half and sit ups for half and then switch. The kicker was EMOTM the partner lunging or sit uping had to do 2 man makers.

This workout was a doozy. After the gym we had a bunch of errands and then C went for a play date and I went for a spa day with my sister in law and I got a mani and a pedi.

I’m in trip prep mode and so nails are done. Today I have done some packing and I have a good start on it. I’m feeling pretty organized.

I went for a run this morning and did about 5km. I don’t really track it so I can’t say for sure. I was going to do a 6km route that I have mapped out but the sidewalks were too icy I had to switch it up. There was one point where I was totally airborne and am so lucky I didn’t break a limb. I’m sure it was funny to watch.

Some scenes from my run today. I listened to a new Rock My Run mix called Dusty Roads that was all country and I loved it. It’s definitely a new favourite.

Well I need to get back to being productive. I hope everyone is having a great day!

Anyone watch hockey this morning along with 90% of Canadians?
We did!

What was the best part of your weekend?


3 thoughts on “Oops! I’ve Been Negligent and I’m Sorry

  1. Sounds nice to be able to pick which WODs to do.. Grace is my top favorite girl; and Annie and Karen are tied for bottom place.. lol. Ugh.. Karen.

    And a 22 minute AMRAP? AHHH!!

    Nicely done!

      • DUs come and go for me, and it’s so frustrating! Sometimes I can get almost 15-20 in a row. Sometimes.. none. We did a WOD yesterday of 15 minute AMRAP 5 “clusters” (clean/thruster); 10 T2B, 20 DUs. I think I did the whole WOD doing single DUs. Like one DU. Miss. DU. Miss. UGHHHH. 🙂

        My “homework” from my coach throughout the Open is to just keep at them before class for 3 minutes everyday. Apparently it will help…

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