A Cold Weather Warning…Pfft

Oh heyyyyy. I’m so excited that I am pretty much giddy. It’s the final countdown for our vacation and I can’t hide my excitement. Also two straight days of the Bachelor doesn’t hurt.

After work today I hit up CrossFit and we started with a strength wod of 5 sets of 3 back squats with a pause. I did 105 lbs and decided I didn’t want to push it. I really don’t want to be injured for my trip.

4 rounds
1 min shuttle run
1 min pull ups
1 min push ups
1 min DB thrusters

Each round had a one minute rest after it. It was nasty on the arms going from pull ups to push ups and then thrusters! I used the blue band for my pull ups and was impressed I didn’t feel like I needed to move down to the green. The thrusters I did with 12 lb dumbbells.

By the way have you checked out my Instagram? Besillybestrong. You should.

I made a really yummy stir fry with a home made teriyaki kind of sauce that turned out good. I didn’t take a picture though. Blogger fail.

The big news here is that we are in another cold weather alert here in Ontario. It’s annoying. We had a nice warm break over the weekend. Which was minus 3 and it’s sad that it felt warm. But speaking of warm. Check out the weather I will be experiencing very very soon.

Tough life right?

I obviously love going on vacation anytime but something about this trip is different because I feel like I really need it. I need a break and after everything that’s happened over the last two months I deserve to relax. It’s going to be such a great time with J and our friends.

This week is off to a pretty great start! I hope you guys are having a great week too!

Have you got any vacations planned?

Have you been watching the Bachelor? Who do you want to win?


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