Race Day and My Birthday

And just like that it’s all over.  All the hype and the excitement and it ends so quickly.  It was a really great day.  My sister and her boyfriend came and picked my up bright and early and we headed downtown.  We got to the stadium and found our spot which is where we waited and made our meeting spot for after.  We brought my sister to the bus and then I headed to the start line.  It was packed.  E said he could see the clock and it took 11 minutes for the last person to cross the start line.  The race started out rough.  Immediately I felt like my calves were tight and my legs felt sore and my mind starting thinking this is going to suck.  But I kept going and turned up my music and got through it.  The first 4km seemed to fly by!  So did the last 3.  I found my sister easily at the exchange point and told her to change to her lighter shirt because it was warm and we switched off the chip.  I headed back on the bus and found J and C who had come down and we watched my sister finish.  It is such a great energy at the finish line.

I was having major tummy troubles after the race just as I did last weekend on my long run.  It was awful.  We went out for my birthday lunch and it was really uncomfortable on my tummy.  When I got home I went straight to the couch and J and I ended up having a pretty awesome nap while C played in her room.

some highlights of my day
some highlights of my day

After my nap I got up and decided a shower was a good idea.  I was getting ready for that and when I took my sock off I discovered I had a really bloody toe.  I have a picture but I won’t post it because it’s gross.  I remember thinking my toe felt kind of uncomfortable and I now see why.  The one toe was rubbing the other and the toenail sliced it.  Ouch.  War wounds… you kind of feel proud of them though.

Next on my race list is deciding whether or not I want to sign up for another half marathon in May.  I am thinking hard about it.  I think I want to.  I mean I am already at 15km…. what’s another 6 right?

Hope everyone is having a Happy Monday!  The sun is shining here so no complaints!

Are you training for any runs or competitions right now?


Birthday cake- what’s your favourite flavour? 

I don’t think I have one really.  The cupcakes I got yesterday were salted caramel and they were pretty incredible.



The Day After and The Day Before

Today is a crucial part of my weekend. It is the day after a really awesome day/ night that I will tell you about soon and the day before race day. It’s also going to be a pretty great day on it’s own.

Let’s start with yesterday. I had the day off and it started with some excitement. Our new couch was scheduled for delivery and they called me right at 7am to say they would be here within the hour. So C and I rushed downstairs to get the room ready for the new couch. We got it done in time and our couch is now here and it looks awesome!


I brought C to school and then started off with my day.  I had a doctor’s appointment and then went to the chiropractor where I got my IT band taped for the race.  I have also been having some pain in my heel again and she worked on it and couldn’t believe how tight my calf was.  She did some ART on it and oh boy it hurt!!!  She also taped the calf too for the race.  I then headed to the gym.  I did a slightly modified workout than the rest of the class just to ensure I didn’t overdo it and end up with sore legs or cause a flare up to my quad.  The strength was to work on skills so I worked on my kipping pull ups.

WOD- 22 min AMRAP

1 man maker

7  sit ups

5 push press

5 air squats

5 burpees

I used 12 lb dumb bells for my man makers and 55 lbs for my push press.  It was a good sweat and I felt good.  My coach was really impressed with my form on all the movements.

I headed home and got all organized and packed for my night in Niagara Falls.  It was a girls night!!!  My friend N and I call it Friendaversary and we celebrate our friendship with a night on the town.  I met her at her work and we headed first to the outlets and did a little shopping.  Then we got to our hotel and our room was so nice!  It was a suite with a living room and kitchenette.  And we even had a view of the Falls.  We got dinner and went to a nightclub and had such a fun time!

So much fun!
So much fun!

On my way home I headed to the Expo for the big Around the Bay race that’s tomorrow.  I am running it with my sister and we are doing the two person team relay which means we both are running 15km.  I am really looking forward to it.  The energy at that race is incredible.  It also has an awesome finish line inside the stadium.

all is calm today
all is calm today

I am running the first half of the relay so I won’t be going through the finish line.  My sister gets to do that this year.  She also gets to do the hilly part of the race.

So far today I have been enjoying our new couch.  J is out shopping… my birthday is tomorrow.  We are going out for an early dinner.  I am going to carb up with some pasta and then we are all going bowling.  I think it’s the perfect way to spend the evening before the race.  I am really excited to be running this race tomorrow.  Especially with my sister.  It’s going to be a pretty great birthday.

Do you have any races coming up that you are excited about?

My sister and I are also talking about doing a half marathon.  Stay tuned for what we decide.


What do you like to eat the night before a race?


Time for a Quickie and Monkey Butt

You know those days where nothing happens as planned and you find yourself behind schedule on everything? That was my day. Everything I did seemed to go late or start late and the time just got away from me.

I had a hair appointment at 6:30 and wanted to have some time at home to be organized.  I didn’t leave work till 5:30 and the daycare closes at 5:45 so I had to rush there, behind the slowest car ever, and barely made it on time.  Turns out lots of kids were still there so it was fine.  We got home and I had about half an hour before my gal would be over so I threw on my new pants and busted out a quick workout.


I consulted my list of at home wod’s and did this one.


5 rounds

25 sit ups

25 push ups

25 squats

Then I added in 100 slow russian twists with a dumbbell.  I point out that they were slow because wow are they ever a lot harder slowed down.  My coach made me slow them down once and it makes a huge difference.  Then I did some foam rolling.  I finished with time to spare to get C her dinner and empty the dishwasher.

Now my hair is done and I can make lunches and tidy up.  There’s one more thing I want to bring up.  A fellow blogger brought up a very important phenomenon many CrossFitters are discussing.  I know this because I found tons of forums and products online to help with the problem:  Monkey Butt.  Also known as Crossfit Crack.  It’s an actual problem.  It’s basically an abrasion above the butt crack as a result of a lot of ab work, or sit ups.  Many of the sites I read said that it was first noticed in the shower.  O. M. G.  Can I ever relate to that?!  It is a burning like no other.  It’s not pleasant at all.  It’s similar to the shower sting when your hand calluses rip.  I found comfort in knowing it’s not just me it happens to and it’s a real thing.  And it has a name.

Anyhoo- it was Friday for me at work.  I am off tomorrow with big plans.  Lots of appointments and things to do during the day and a girls night on the town with one of my besties.  Much needed and I cannot wait!

Hope you have a Happy Friday!


Have you ever had Monkey Butt?

If you have, you are not alone.

Do you like to wear crazy coloured workout pants?

I do!!

Loving Ladders Lately

One of my least favourite things to see in a wod is a ladder. But I have done a couple of wods with them lately and I wonder if maybe I could be changing my tune? I mean let’s face it. They suck when you are the end of it with the 10 thru 7. But after that it’s like oh hey this isn’t so bad.

Tonight’s wod was another partner wod. The first part we did a strength wod. Most did them with partners but my partner was a guy who could lift easily 4 times what I would lift so we did ours on our own.

SWOD 18 min
2 rep max push press
5 rep max back squats
1 rep max power cleans

We could do them in any order. I did my push press first. Initially I wasn’t feeling very strong but with lots of encouragement from my coach I worked up to an impressive 90lbs for 2 reps. He kept yelling for me to take breaths and drive with my legs. I followed his advice and the bar went right up. It was a huge deal because the last two rep max I recorded was 75lbs. I increased it by 15 lbs! Now I feel inspired to work up to a new one rep max.

Next I worked on my power clean. I decided to skip the back squats because the workout had a lot of front squats and with the race this weekend I didn’t want to do anything to aggravate my hip. I worked to 85 lbs with my power clean. I couldn’t seem to get more than that. I’m thinking it was because I had done all the push presses before because I know I can power clean more than 85 for one rep. I guess it wasn’t my day for that one.

WOD – 18 minute cap
Front squats

This was a partner wod so one person would do 10 front squats, 10 burpees. While I did that my partner held a wall sit. Then he did 9 front squats, 9 burpees and I held wall sit. You continued that way down to 1 and then went back up to 10. Lucky me I got the 10 both times. I was pushed because my partner is fast so I was pushing out those burpees at a pace I was impressed with. I also went super light on my front squats and just did the 35 lb bar. We finished with 4:19 to spare. Pretty awesome!

After the workout I headed home and stopped in to see J at the barn. He is still working hard on his event so we haven’t had a lot of time together. I hung out with him and a lot of these gals.


Rowing Murph and Girl Talk

Monday done. Went to the usual 4:15 CrossFit class and forgot it is the “Partner Games” at my gym this week. Sadly I hadn’t planned a partner so I totally was unprepared. I don’t think I will be participating in the games with one partner this time, but the workouts are still the same, we just pair up.

WOD- “Rowing Murph”
1600 m row
100 pull ups
200 push ups
300 squats
1600 m row

Only one partner works at a time. During the row the partner was lunging. We split our row into 500 m each to start and then 300 m each. For the pull ups we started with the blue band and ended up with the green. It seemed to take us longer than the other teams. Some of the other teams went to jumping pull ups but we stuck with the bands. I figured it is good for us to work on the pull ups anyway. Then came the push ups. After so many pull ups those hurt. I found I struggled most with those. We got through the squats right at 30 min which was the time cap so we didn’t get the second row in. None of the teams finished completely so I would say we did pretty awesome.

I got home and was excited to see I had a delivery waiting for me. Last week I won a giveaway on another blog I read and it arrived today! It was just C and I again and we had leftovers for dinner. I did some lunch and meal prep and then it was bedtime. C had a book to read for homework so we did that in bed today.

my beautiful girl
my beautiful girl

In other news my friend L and I have been really talking a lot lately.  I mean, we talk ALL the time anyway but we have had several phone dates over the past week and it’s amazing how we never run out of things to talk about.  She is the perfect friend.  She knows everything about me and likes me anyway.  I kid.  (sort of).  She is always there for me even though she lives across the country.  I miss her terribly and we have taken to sharing selfies and pics to show what’s going on in our lives since we aren’t together every day like we used to be.

scenes from my work day
scenes from my work day

We send each other progress pics and pics of our everyday happenings.  I am glad to have her in my life.  I really need to make some plans to go out to Vancouver and visit her.  You guys can all get to know her by checking out her blog here.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

In other news I went to bed and woke up today feeling like I might be getting a cold.  NOOOOOOO!!! I really can’t afford a cold right now.  I have big celebratory plans on Friday night and Sunday is my Around the Bay relay!!!  And my birthday!!!! I am hoping it’s a false alarm.  Can everyone please cross their fingers for me and send me good thoughts?

Have you ever done rowing Murph?

I have before this week yes, I think I have only ever done Murph with a partner and honestly don’t know how I would manage it on my own!

Do you have a friend like L that lives far but you share everything?

I miss her.  xoxox

Feeling the Burn

Yesterday we had a beautiful sunny day. It was warm by comparison to weather we have lately. It was about 6 degrees. I went out for lunch with my coworker and got this.

Curry Noodle Soup- my fave!

I had a long run scheduled for this weekend, last one before the 15km relay next weekend.  The weather gods were predicting some nasty weather overnight and a weekend of not very warm temperatures (though right now it looks pretty nice out- maybe they lied).  Anyway, I decided that since yesterday was so nice out I should take advantage of the warm temps and get my run in so that’s exactly what I did.  I had set out to do just under 12 km for my route.  A friend of mine was going to jump in for the last 5km or so.  I dropped C at her Grandma’s and drove into town and parked the car.  Off I went.  At first my head was having trouble getting into it.  I was thinking I wasn’t dressed warm enough, the sidewalks were muddy, I should have rolled my glute etc.  But I picked a new running mix from Rock My Run and it had all old school hip hop hits and it was awesome!  It was good not know what song came next and there were some classic’s in the mix.  The one that really got me moving was “Steal My Sunshine” by Len.  I totally forgot about how great that song is.

I stopped at A’s house and was able to have a quick pee break.  Then we set out.  I was regretting the stop at first because it felt harder to get going but once I was moving I was fine.  We continued on my course and then there was a side street so I suggested we do a little loop to make it just a bit longer.  I made it back to my car and he carried on to finish his run.  I felt amazing when I was done.  I couldn’t believe how good it felt.  I only stopped to walk maybe twice, and that included two hills.  I had been dreading it.  I love racing… I hate training.  But once I got going I was fine.

My before and after faces
My before and after faces

After the race I grabbed a tea and two timbits since I was in the Tim Horton’s parking lot.  I was cold and had that chill that’s hard to get rid of.  My tummy was NOT happy for the rest of the night.  I felt so ill.  We went across the street to the farm for dinner and I was very uncomfortable from both my tummy pain and my leg pain.  I was in such a rush to get home and get C and get to dinner I didn’t take the time to properly stretch.  My legs were so sore all night and they are still pretty sore today.  I am going to foam roll to get them moving.

I was texting my sister after my run and told her of my tummy troubles and she suggested it was likely because I am dehydrated.  This is probably true.  I drink way too much tea and not enough water at all.  I think I found the solution for that.

if only...
if only…

I am thinking of making this my phone background.  Maybe it will help?  It definitely can’t hurt.  Today is a day of visits and errands.  I just sat down to map out my run and see what it ended up being with the extra loop and it turns out I actually ran over 13 km!  It feels great, I know I am prepared for the 15km next weekend no problem!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. Happy weekend!

Do you have a run or workout planned this weekend?

Crossfit is closed bc the coaches are competing this weekend so it worked out great for my run schedule.

How did you spend your Friday night?



Sweat Angel and Goodbye for Now

Happy hump day friends! Did you all get your hump on? (Whatever that means). Anyway another CrossFit workout in the books for me. One more wod with my friend B before she heads home to PEI. Went to the 5:15 today and it was a good group.

5 sets of max rep back squats. The idea was to get no less than 5 and no more than 15 so we had to pick our weight accordingly. I kept it fairly light and did 85 lbs. My quad has been a little sore with the extra workout this week so I didn’t want to push it.

50 mountain climbers
40 lunges
30 dumbbell thrusters
20 burpees
30 dumbbell thrusters
40 lunges
50 mountain climbers
Then we did a second round the same but cutting the reps in half. It took me about 15 minutes. I used 12 lbs for the dumbbells.

Then we did a 4 min plank. Obvi I had to drop multiple times. This wod was killer. It was one of those ones where the sweat is dripping. My arms were slipping on the mat because of the sweat. And I left a sweat angel when I got up off the mat. I wish I had a picture but I don’t bring my phone in with me. I did however take a bathroom selfie to document my hard work.

That face is an OMG that sucked but was also so awesome face.

We stayed and had a little chat after and then said our goodbyes. But it’s just for now. We have plans to meet up in Montreal in July so that will be something to look forward to.

On the way home I stopped to get some Halls for sick J and found this.

I tried the Vanilla tonight and it wasn’t bad. I haven’t compared the nutritional label with my usual post workout protein so I need to do that and see how it compares with the sugar etc.

Dinner was chilli like pork tenderloin, broccoli and peppers and mushrooms.

Yummy! The rest of the night was quiet and early to bed I go. Hurry up weekend I am ready!!

What was your workout today?

Have you ever made a sweat angel?