Hola Mi Amigos!!

I wanted to follow up my last post with a recap of the remainder of our trip. When we last left off I was blogging from a lounge chair and having a pretty amazing and relaxing time. There was a lot more pool time but we did some other fun stuff too.

We went to a cute little town called Coco Beach. It had a ton of little souvenir shops and bars and restaurants. We had a delicious lunch there that I won’t soon forget. It was a like crusted tilapia with a chipotle sauce. It was nice to have a different meal than resort food.


We went on another excursion that was an adventure filled day. It started with horseback riding. I chose not to do that part as I was afraid to. Horses are beautiful but they make me really nervous. Then we went zip lining and there was 10 different lines. It was such an amazing experience. There was a huge and crazy water slide. Then we had lunch there and it was amazing. 90% of the meal was made with products grown right on the ranch we were at. Incredible. I had beef tenderloin and it was delicious. Then after lunch we did a mud bath and rinsed off in a river and then went to a hot spring. It was so relaxing.

Then we had another couple days to relax in the pool with all the friends we met there.

I would definitely go back to Costa Rica in an instant. The people were so friendly and the weather absolutely perfect. It really was just what I needed and I am feeling recharged and refreshed.

Have you ever been to Costa Rica?


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