Home With My Favourites

I’m home and that makes me happy. As much as I had an AMAZING vacation it’s always nice to be back home. I missed my bed and my gym and most of all my little girl. I had an amazing sleep last night cozy in my own bed. The resort bed was not very comfy. I got up this morning when I was awoken by my sweet girl. She was so happy to see me and we had a nice cuddle before we got up. I had a nice visit with my parents as well before they headed home.

After some relaxing and getting caught up on the Bachelor Women Tell All I got myself ready and headed to CrossFit. I worked out 3 times during vacation so I wasn’t too out of shape but after a week of eating a lot of pasta and A LOT of drinks I knew it would be tough.

2 rep max dead lifts – I got to 165lbs

EMOTM for 30 minutes
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

It was basically Cindy but instead of an AMRAP it was EMOTM. We didn’t actually do 30 minutes bc that would have been nuts. I got to 20 minutes. Some rounds I was doing either just the pull ups and push ups or just the pull ups and squats. The final rounds I was doing all three movements again.

After the workout I went and got my nails done and had lunch with my sister in law and my beautiful niece who is getting so big!! Then I picked C up from daycare and we headed to Walmart to shop for a gift for a party she has tomorrow. I found these pj’s for only $5!!!

We got home and I did some more relaxing with two of my favourite things.

And then this favourite joined us.

After dinner we had a family game of Mario Cart.

I think there are a lot of pictures since I am still in vacation mode where I was documenting everything. Or I’m just really glad to see C and be home. The best part is I still have two more days at home with her. Another bonus it was beautiful out today and not as cold as the record breaking freeze they had while we were gone.

What do you miss most about home when you are away?

Have you got anything exciting planned this weekend?


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