Partners, Pets and Pizza

Saturday workouts usually mean partner wods at our CrossFit. One of the girls there is always my partner and I look forward to these workouts a lot. C came with me today and hung out while I did the wod.

100 hang cleans – partner holds a front rack position
100 push press- partner holds bar overhead
1000 m row- partner does a wall sit
100 burpees facing bar- partner holds a plank
100 double unders – partner holds a V sit

If the person doing any of the holds drops when you weren’t switching then we would have to do burpees. The exception was in the overhead hold, here it was only a 2 burpee penalty. We actually volunteered for burpees a couple times to give our arms a break. I used 55 lbs for the hang cleans to start but dropped down to 45 lbs and later 35 lbs. My front rack started at 45 and I dropped to 35 lbs. I kept it at 35 lbs for the push press and overhead holds. We finished in 30:44.

My legs are definitely feeling it now. I need to do some foam rolling tonight for sure. I am hoping to do a long run tomorrow so I hope they aren’t too sore.

After CrossFit I took C to a birthday party at the SPCA. It was really cute, they got a tour and got to see all the pets there. They did crafts and got to pet a bunny. It was a really cute place for a birthday party and it also made me fall in love with a two month old kitten named Walter. And there were some nice dogs there too. Maybe one day we will add another pet to our family but today was not that day.

Tonight is going to be a fun night. J’s sister and her hubby and our adorable niece are coming for a visit and we are having pizza and playing cards. I’m still eating like I’m on vacation. Meal prep must happen tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Do you meal prep?

Favourite pizza toppings?


4 thoughts on “Partners, Pets and Pizza

  1. That sounds like a rough workout! Nice job! I do meal prep on sundays and usually some additional prep on Wednesdays. My favorite pizza toppings are banana peppers and pepperoni 🙂

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