Sunday Randomness

I have a few random thoughts to post about that don’t really go well together so I thought I would draft this post in such a way that it looks like I made it random on purpose. Smart right?

1. I got bit by a scorpion in Costa Rica. I can’t believe I didn’t mention this in my trip recap post. I was carrying my towel and all of a sudden I felt this intense stinging and I dropped the towel. I thought I had been stung by a bee but it hurt SO bad. We went to get ice and my friend went to look in the towel. He was so funny because we asked if it was a bee and he was like “ummmm no”. He said you probably don’t want to see it. And it was a scorpion so I got even more freaked out. We put ice on it which helped a lot but it got swollen and 3 of my fingers and down my hand was numb. We went to see the doctor at the resort and he assured me that the scorpions there were not poisonous. He said because it was a baby it will be more painful because their venom is more concentrated! Ouch. It is totally fine now thank god.

2. I made the best guacamole I have ever made last night for our guests. I added red onion and tomato and of course seasonings and lime. It turned out soooo good! I plan on making some more tonight to eat during the week.

3. I forced myself to go for a run this morning and I really didn’t want to. But with Around the Bay in a few weeks I figured I needed to do a few more long runs to work up to that 15 km distance. I had planned on doing 8km with it being 4 there and 4 back but the first 4 felt great and I thought it would be boring to just turn and go back so I kept doing this loop and did 10 km instead. It was ok but the last few was tough. I brought my water belt which was a last minute decision and I was so glad I did. I stopped a couple times for a drink.

And a selfie. Of course.

4. I had a donut this afternoon and it was the first one I have had in months. C and I had some time to kill before her swimming lesson so we got a treat.

5. After my run I was so tired and so cold. I had a chill all day. I spent some time doing this

I will likely do more of that this evening as well.
It’s back to the real world of work and routine tomorrow. I can’t deny I wish my vacation was longer but who doesn’t right? I need to get back to real life I suppose.

Have you got any races coming up?

How did you spend your Sunday?


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