DOMS and Yawns

To say that I have been busy with regards to my physical fitness since coming home from vacation might be a bit of an understatement.  After a week of gluttonous eating and drinking I needed to get my butt kicked and boy did I ever.  Friday and Saturday’s wod’s were pretty intense.  I was sore Sunday, yet still had the bright idea to do a training run of 10 km.  So of course the only logical thing was to go to yet another CrossFit workout last night.  And man was it a doozy.  I told myself as long as it’s not a lot of squats it would be ok.  Guess what our wod included last night- SQUATS! And lots of them.

WOD- 15 minutes

Ladder up to 10 and back down of front squats and push press

Then for the rest of the time row

So basically it was one front squat, one push press, two front squats, two push press all the way up to ten of each.  Then ladder back down from ten to one.  Ouch.  I got through the first 6 rounds ok without putting the bar down.  Then I had to rest in between.  I would do squats first and then rest before the push press.  So I ended up doing for example 7 squats, 7 push press, 8 squats and then drop the bar.  That way my next round would be 8 push press then 9 squats, then I would rest again.  My legs and wrists were toast.  I used 45 lbs initially but after about 5-6 rounds when I dropped the bar I also dropped down to 35 lbs.  I finished and hit the rower and managed to row 610 metres.  I surprised myself with covering that distance.  Not too shabby.  I was so zonked after it I literally had to lay down and rest a bit.

There was also a SWOD that included back squats and strict pull ups but I opted to start the WOD right away so I could for sure have time to get it done.  I decided not to do it after and spare my legs.

Post wod protein and pump
Post wod protein and pump

That’s a shameless bicep selfie but I felt really buff at the time so I went with it.  Sorry, but I’m not sorry.  After the workout I drank my protein in the car on my way to get C.  We got home and I had a much needed shower and made dinner.  We had mixed veggies and the turkey burgers I prepped the night before.  I also made another awesome batch of guac and we put it on top of the burgers.  Check it.

ok so it may not LOOK as good as it tasted.  trust me it was delicious.
ok so it may not LOOK as good as it tasted. trust me it was delicious.

Then it was time to get settled in for a long night of Bachelor watching.  J watched with me and had lots to say about what went down with Juan Pablo- or “Johnny Pops” as J calls him.  I have really mixed feelings about everything on it.  I am honestly glad it’s over because I had a real love hate relationship with the show this season.  I couldn’t look away but wanted to stop watching it so many times.  I don’t normally stay up until 11 pm on a weeknight but I had to see it because I knew everyone would be talking about it.  This morning though I could not stop yawning!  I was a zombie.  I think I must be too old for such a late night!

So today I am yawning and my legs are sore.  I definitely have  a case of DOMS.  It’s sore but such a good sore.  Also it is AH MA ZING outside.  I went out at lunch and had my flats with no socks, and my window open rocking out to Macklemore like it was Summer time.  I tried not to get excited about it since weather reports have us getting up to 25 cm more snow tomorrow.  Ugh.  Come on Mother Nature.  Get your shit together.


Is it a nice day where you are?  Did you get out at all?


Did you watch the Bachelor?


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