Grace…three times?????

Back to work. Booooo. Thankfully it was a busy day so it went relatively quickly. It was my co-workers birthday so we went for lunch for Thai food. Can’t complain about that at all.

After work was CrossFit. Today we worked on our power clean and press. We did some as a group in the warm up. This lift I am very confident with so I felt good going into the wod. Today our wod was Grace. That means 30 clean and presses. The kicker of it was we ran it three times. Each time we dropped weight and there was a two minute rest between each. He wanted us to go heavy to build confidence so we were told that if that meant only being able to do 20 reps in the first or second round that was ok.

I was going to set up and do 55 lbs, 45 lbs and 35 lbs. My coach however disagreed and thought I could do more. So instead I did 65 lbs, 60 lbs and 55 lbs. He was totally right. I rocked it. I only did 20 reps for the first two rounds but I did it. It was heavy!!! I was glad I increased it and pushed myself a little harder. I think I need to give myself more credit. I think this wod might leave me with some battle bruises- on my collar bone and possibly my thighs from when I brought the bar down. I really felt it banging on both spots.

I am lucky and get to go to a Tuesday workout tomorrow as J is taking on singing lessons for C so I can go to another workout with my friend B who is in town. Then we are heading out after for a drink. I’m looking forward to it.

Tonight was a nice night. I surprised C and made her crepes and breakfast sausage. She has been asking me to make that for awhile now. She totally approved.


C kept me really entertained this evening. She was in a great mood and was hamming it up for me big time.

After I got lunches made and she was all tucked in I got myself all tucked away too. I decided to paint my nails and do some reading.

Not a bad Monday I would say. The only thing missing is J. He is at a meeting and the poor guy is sick now too. Hopefully he is home soon to get lots of sleep. Myself I am going to call it an early night.

Night friends!!!

What was your dinner tonight?

Do you have any current workout battle bruises?
I also have a sweet one on my knee from the weekend- from burpees maybe? #crossfitproblems


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