That Was the Warm Up??

Tuesday is usually a rest day but since my friend B is in town I went to CrossFit an extra day. Normally Tuesday is spent resting while I take C to her singing lesson. J is such an awesome guy he offered to take her for me so I could hang out with B.

Our warm up was nuts! He put it on the board and I was so confused because I was sure it was a wod.

Warm up
1000 my row – partner does walking lunges. Row was done in 250 m intervals.

Tabata squats – do until hit 150 squats

30-20-10 sit ups and push ups

After the wod we did a group stretch and we did some stretches I haven’t tried and it felt amazing.

Then a few of us went out for a couple of drinks and a visit with B. I really miss her at the gym so it was really nice to see her. She is planning to get one more workout in before she heads home so we are meeting tonight at CrossFit again.

It’s Wednesday and that means we are halfway for the week. It’s supposed to be warm out so hopefully a lot more of the snow will melt.

Do you ever feel tired after just a warm up?
I remember when I first started CrossFit I thought the warm up was the workout.

What’s your workout schedule like this week?


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