Feeling the Burn

Yesterday we had a beautiful sunny day. It was warm by comparison to weather we have lately. It was about 6 degrees. I went out for lunch with my coworker and got this.

Curry Noodle Soup- my fave!

I had a long run scheduled for this weekend, last one before the 15km relay next weekend.  The weather gods were predicting some nasty weather overnight and a weekend of not very warm temperatures (though right now it looks pretty nice out- maybe they lied).  Anyway, I decided that since yesterday was so nice out I should take advantage of the warm temps and get my run in so that’s exactly what I did.  I had set out to do just under 12 km for my route.  A friend of mine was going to jump in for the last 5km or so.  I dropped C at her Grandma’s and drove into town and parked the car.  Off I went.  At first my head was having trouble getting into it.  I was thinking I wasn’t dressed warm enough, the sidewalks were muddy, I should have rolled my glute etc.  But I picked a new running mix from Rock My Run and it had all old school hip hop hits and it was awesome!  It was good not know what song came next and there were some classic’s in the mix.  The one that really got me moving was “Steal My Sunshine” by Len.  I totally forgot about how great that song is.

I stopped at A’s house and was able to have a quick pee break.  Then we set out.  I was regretting the stop at first because it felt harder to get going but once I was moving I was fine.  We continued on my course and then there was a side street so I suggested we do a little loop to make it just a bit longer.  I made it back to my car and he carried on to finish his run.  I felt amazing when I was done.  I couldn’t believe how good it felt.  I only stopped to walk maybe twice, and that included two hills.  I had been dreading it.  I love racing… I hate training.  But once I got going I was fine.

My before and after faces
My before and after faces

After the race I grabbed a tea and two timbits since I was in the Tim Horton’s parking lot.  I was cold and had that chill that’s hard to get rid of.  My tummy was NOT happy for the rest of the night.  I felt so ill.  We went across the street to the farm for dinner and I was very uncomfortable from both my tummy pain and my leg pain.  I was in such a rush to get home and get C and get to dinner I didn’t take the time to properly stretch.  My legs were so sore all night and they are still pretty sore today.  I am going to foam roll to get them moving.

I was texting my sister after my run and told her of my tummy troubles and she suggested it was likely because I am dehydrated.  This is probably true.  I drink way too much tea and not enough water at all.  I think I found the solution for that.

if only...
if only…

I am thinking of making this my phone background.  Maybe it will help?  It definitely can’t hurt.  Today is a day of visits and errands.  I just sat down to map out my run and see what it ended up being with the extra loop and it turns out I actually ran over 13 km!  It feels great, I know I am prepared for the 15km next weekend no problem!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday. Happy weekend!

Do you have a run or workout planned this weekend?

Crossfit is closed bc the coaches are competing this weekend so it worked out great for my run schedule.

How did you spend your Friday night?




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