Loving Ladders Lately

One of my least favourite things to see in a wod is a ladder. But I have done a couple of wods with them lately and I wonder if maybe I could be changing my tune? I mean let’s face it. They suck when you are the end of it with the 10 thru 7. But after that it’s like oh hey this isn’t so bad.

Tonight’s wod was another partner wod. The first part we did a strength wod. Most did them with partners but my partner was a guy who could lift easily 4 times what I would lift so we did ours on our own.

SWOD 18 min
2 rep max push press
5 rep max back squats
1 rep max power cleans

We could do them in any order. I did my push press first. Initially I wasn’t feeling very strong but with lots of encouragement from my coach I worked up to an impressive 90lbs for 2 reps. He kept yelling for me to take breaths and drive with my legs. I followed his advice and the bar went right up. It was a huge deal because the last two rep max I recorded was 75lbs. I increased it by 15 lbs! Now I feel inspired to work up to a new one rep max.

Next I worked on my power clean. I decided to skip the back squats because the workout had a lot of front squats and with the race this weekend I didn’t want to do anything to aggravate my hip. I worked to 85 lbs with my power clean. I couldn’t seem to get more than that. I’m thinking it was because I had done all the push presses before because I know I can power clean more than 85 for one rep. I guess it wasn’t my day for that one.

WOD – 18 minute cap
Front squats

This was a partner wod so one person would do 10 front squats, 10 burpees. While I did that my partner held a wall sit. Then he did 9 front squats, 9 burpees and I held wall sit. You continued that way down to 1 and then went back up to 10. Lucky me I got the 10 both times. I was pushed because my partner is fast so I was pushing out those burpees at a pace I was impressed with. I also went super light on my front squats and just did the 35 lb bar. We finished with 4:19 to spare. Pretty awesome!

After the workout I headed home and stopped in to see J at the barn. He is still working hard on his event so we haven’t had a lot of time together. I hung out with him and a lot of these gals.


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