The Day After and The Day Before

Today is a crucial part of my weekend. It is the day after a really awesome day/ night that I will tell you about soon and the day before race day. It’s also going to be a pretty great day on it’s own.

Let’s start with yesterday. I had the day off and it started with some excitement. Our new couch was scheduled for delivery and they called me right at 7am to say they would be here within the hour. So C and I rushed downstairs to get the room ready for the new couch. We got it done in time and our couch is now here and it looks awesome!


I brought C to school and then started off with my day.  I had a doctor’s appointment and then went to the chiropractor where I got my IT band taped for the race.  I have also been having some pain in my heel again and she worked on it and couldn’t believe how tight my calf was.  She did some ART on it and oh boy it hurt!!!  She also taped the calf too for the race.  I then headed to the gym.  I did a slightly modified workout than the rest of the class just to ensure I didn’t overdo it and end up with sore legs or cause a flare up to my quad.  The strength was to work on skills so I worked on my kipping pull ups.

WOD- 22 min AMRAP

1 man maker

7  sit ups

5 push press

5 air squats

5 burpees

I used 12 lb dumb bells for my man makers and 55 lbs for my push press.  It was a good sweat and I felt good.  My coach was really impressed with my form on all the movements.

I headed home and got all organized and packed for my night in Niagara Falls.  It was a girls night!!!  My friend N and I call it Friendaversary and we celebrate our friendship with a night on the town.  I met her at her work and we headed first to the outlets and did a little shopping.  Then we got to our hotel and our room was so nice!  It was a suite with a living room and kitchenette.  And we even had a view of the Falls.  We got dinner and went to a nightclub and had such a fun time!

So much fun!
So much fun!

On my way home I headed to the Expo for the big Around the Bay race that’s tomorrow.  I am running it with my sister and we are doing the two person team relay which means we both are running 15km.  I am really looking forward to it.  The energy at that race is incredible.  It also has an awesome finish line inside the stadium.

all is calm today
all is calm today

I am running the first half of the relay so I won’t be going through the finish line.  My sister gets to do that this year.  She also gets to do the hilly part of the race.

So far today I have been enjoying our new couch.  J is out shopping… my birthday is tomorrow.  We are going out for an early dinner.  I am going to carb up with some pasta and then we are all going bowling.  I think it’s the perfect way to spend the evening before the race.  I am really excited to be running this race tomorrow.  Especially with my sister.  It’s going to be a pretty great birthday.

Do you have any races coming up that you are excited about?

My sister and I are also talking about doing a half marathon.  Stay tuned for what we decide.


What do you like to eat the night before a race?



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