Race Day and My Birthday

And just like that it’s all over.  All the hype and the excitement and it ends so quickly.  It was a really great day.  My sister and her boyfriend came and picked my up bright and early and we headed downtown.  We got to the stadium and found our spot which is where we waited and made our meeting spot for after.  We brought my sister to the bus and then I headed to the start line.  It was packed.  E said he could see the clock and it took 11 minutes for the last person to cross the start line.  The race started out rough.  Immediately I felt like my calves were tight and my legs felt sore and my mind starting thinking this is going to suck.  But I kept going and turned up my music and got through it.  The first 4km seemed to fly by!  So did the last 3.  I found my sister easily at the exchange point and told her to change to her lighter shirt because it was warm and we switched off the chip.  I headed back on the bus and found J and C who had come down and we watched my sister finish.  It is such a great energy at the finish line.

I was having major tummy troubles after the race just as I did last weekend on my long run.  It was awful.  We went out for my birthday lunch and it was really uncomfortable on my tummy.  When I got home I went straight to the couch and J and I ended up having a pretty awesome nap while C played in her room.

some highlights of my day
some highlights of my day

After my nap I got up and decided a shower was a good idea.  I was getting ready for that and when I took my sock off I discovered I had a really bloody toe.  I have a picture but I won’t post it because it’s gross.  I remember thinking my toe felt kind of uncomfortable and I now see why.  The one toe was rubbing the other and the toenail sliced it.  Ouch.  War wounds… you kind of feel proud of them though.

Next on my race list is deciding whether or not I want to sign up for another half marathon in May.  I am thinking hard about it.  I think I want to.  I mean I am already at 15km…. what’s another 6 right?

Hope everyone is having a Happy Monday!  The sun is shining here so no complaints!

Are you training for any runs or competitions right now?


Birthday cake- what’s your favourite flavour? 

I don’t think I have one really.  The cupcakes I got yesterday were salted caramel and they were pretty incredible.



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