One More Day of Birthday Happiness


The one downside to having your birthday on a weekend is you miss the work attention for your big day.  In previous years I had extensive work birthday spoiling at the hands of my best girl L.  She would decorate my door, bring me Starby and a donut along with many other wonderful touches.  She is a big fan of birthdays.  I am a little more low key, but always appreciated the attention she showered me with on my day.  This year was a little more low key but I still felt properly spoiled.

I got to work and there was a nice surprise on my desk from my co-worker.  There was a tea waiting for me and she got me a breakfast sandwich.  I also got a beautiful plant from her that I love.  Another co-worker came in with another tea and a box of four cupcakes!  The office also had gotten together and signed a card.

Birthday love
Birthday love

We went out for a nice lunch at a restaurant we haven’t been to in ages and it was delicious.  I ate A LOT.  There was even a ton of leftovers so I have them today and can’t wait for lunch now.  Another treat when I got home was a package from L!  She had sent it earlier in the week and we never got it, turns out it was across the street at the farm.  There were lots of my favourite things in there  and it was nice to have another surprise.

After work I went to CrossFit because surprisingly my legs weren’t feeling too sore from the race on Sunday.  I did do a few modifications to the wod to save from overdoing it with my legs and I also went fairly light with my weight.


5x 5 back squats- I chose to do push press instead and did 60 lbs

5×2- strict pull ups- I used the red band for all of them – I am so close to no band!!!


EMOTM for 12 minutes

1 power clean

3 front squats

5 push press

1 thruster

For the rest of the minute I did sit ups.  The rest of the class actually did 5 front squats and 3 push press but I switched them around.  And instead of sit ups it was supposed to be burpees.  Because it involved squats and thrusters my coach thought I should go light.  I only used 35 lbs on my barbell and halfway through I was wishing I had done at least 45 lbs.  It felt way too light.  Oh well, it probably wasn’t a bad thing to keep it light.

C and I ran some errands afterwards and then it was a nice family night at home.  It’s so nice that life is back to normal with J’s event over and we can all hang out together again.  I love my little family so much.

How did you spend your Monday night?


Do you like attention on your birthday?



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