Home Opener at Home

Finally Friday arrived!!! It seemed like a long week for me and it was a busy one!

CrossFit after work. We did some skills work with our cleans. We worked on the hang clean and our full cleans. I haven’t done full cleans in a long time because of my injury but I decided it felt good enough to do try them.

2 hang cleans
3 full cleans
Keep adding weight and just work on the movements.

EMOTM 8 min
3 full cleans
1 push press
Rest of the minutes alternate between burpees and sit ups.

10 ab roll outs
1 min L hold
5 burpees

That second one sucked! All 3 movements were tough. I haven’t had a lot of energy lately. I think it’s a healthy combination of stress and an incredibly poor diet of crappy foods. I really need to get myself together and start eating better again.

Speaking of eating poorly last night was the home opener for our favourite team the Toronto Blue Jays. We didn’t get to go to the game and we were pretty bummed but we tried to make the best of it and recreate it at home. We had pizza and beer in plastic cups. We all wore our jays shirts so it would feel like we were there. I tell you though, our new couch was definitely a comfy place to watch.


Sadly the Jays lost but it was a fun game to watch and I admit I did fall asleep for the last few innings.  Thank god the weekend is here.  I hope everyone enjoys it!


Did you watch the home opener?


Who is your favorite baseball team?


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