Not Enough Bullet Points

Man this week has been a blur.  I haven’t been to the gym once.  Not.  Even.  Once.  It sucks so bad.  I have been SO busy with work and other commitments that I couldn’t fit it in.  I am starting to feel a little anxious because it’s my stress relief.  I am hoping to get some form of fitness in tonight though.  I was planning a run but of course Mother Nature is being a real jerk and planning some rain… so I might have to go with plan B.  Don’t worry, I will for sure let you know what I did, because as we know, if I don’t post it, it didn’t happen.

So I will try and summarize what’s been going on with me this week in bullet form.

1.  I’m engaged and so freaking excited.  I have already booked the venue and date and it can’t come soon enough.  But it will come very soon so I need to organize myself soon.

2.  I have bridesmaids!  They all said yes and I am so excited to have these ladies by my side for the big day.  It’s a hard thing to choose them because you don’t want to hurt any one’s feelings.  I have a lot of other very close friends that I couldn’t include because there is only so many.  And that’s the really hard thing… to decide who to ask and not hurt anyone’s feelings.

3. Outside of all the work craziness, I have been spending what little free time I have on Pinterest.  I think we are going to get very close during this wedding planning process.


4.  My sister and I have decided to run a half marathon in May.  Which means I have to get back to the long training runs I dread so much.  I am hoping to do one that’s 16km this weekend.  Gross.

5. I realize now I shouldn’t have used this number system because I ran out of things to say much earlier than I thought, and now it just looks silly with only five points.

I guess it’s safe to say that life has really got in the way of my awesome workouts but that’s ok.  I will get back to them very soon and I promise to tell you all about them.

Hope you are all having a good week.  If you can, have a nap for me.



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