Bad decisions and Dead Legs

What a freaking week! I’m not sad that craziness is over. I lucked out Thursday and scored a CrossFit workout. My original plan to get in my one and only workout was to run after work before I picked up C. There are no classes earlier than 6:15 and I can’t make that because of C’s extracurricular activities. My coach was amazing and said I could go in at 4:30 since he would be there training. I was thrilled with this news so obvi I was in for that. I did a wod by myself.

1 RM strict press – I got to 70 lbs

15 min AMRAP
20 box steps
10 power cleans
20 sit ups
7 burpees
Parking lot sprint

It felt ah-ma-zing to lift and get moving after a super stressful week. It was the only workout I was able to get in for the week.

Friday was the event that I sat on a committee for. It was for a really great cause and it was a lot of work but it was great to see it all come together. J and I spent the entire day on Friday setting up for it and we were there working the event at night. My legs and feet were so sore from it all.

Saturday morning C and I went to a workshop to make an Easter garden. It was a lot of fun and her garden turned out so beautifully.

Afterwards we went for her swimming lesson. Then we made a very bad decision. We got fast food burgers and onion rings for lunch. It was a terrible idea since I was planning to go for a long run.
I did still go but it was not a good run at all. My legs (still sore from the night before) felt so heavy and I had no energy. Obvi it’s the result of being overtired and making terrible choices with my nutrition. I powered through and finished the 12 km I planned to do.

I have about 5 weeks to get my kilometres up for my half marathon training.

Tomorrow I have a pretty exciting day of relaxing around the house planned. I can’t wait for that!

Does poor nutrition affect you with your running or workouts?</

Did you run this weekend? >


One thought on “Bad decisions and Dead Legs

  1. It’s really odd because sometimes if I drink a lot (of wine) and eat pizza for example, the next day my running is great! and sometimes it is rotten….I don’t think it really matters as long as I don’t eat badly all the time, then it would make a massive difference that is for sure. I ran on Saturday before dance class, it was a good run – nice and easy!

    Good luck with the training!

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