Trying Not to Complain

With my event over and after an amazing weekend I was back to my usual Monday night Crossfit class.  It felt so good to be back in the routine of things. I headed over straight from work to get my sweat on.

Since I have been getting back into running I am finding my leg is bothering me just a bit more.  Maybe it’s just because there is a lot more action with it.  So I am modifying the wod’s where I need to, and trying to convince myself it’s fine.  I definitely won’t push through anything that is causing PAIN, but a little discomfort afterwards I would say is normal.


5 sets of 5 back squats- I just went to 85 lbs

5 sets of 3 strict pull ups- I was able to use red band for all of them!


5 rounds

20 burpees

50 lunges

Can you say ouch???  That is a brutal wod!  I got through the first round and then got through 15 burpees on the second and my quad was telling me five rounds was just not going to happen.  So we modified my workout to be 20 push ups, 25 box step ups and 25 sit ups.  I got all five rounds in.  Then I did 100 Russian twists with a dumbbell.

I headed home to get organized and get dinner on because I was having a friend over for a visit.  When I got home I was excited to see I got a delivery.  I got my new shoes that I ordered from Mizuno!  Aren’t they pretty?

Inspires- I do feel inspired with them.
Inspires- I do feel inspired with them.

Dinner was a team effort.  I had it started and J came home and he did the steak.  He does such a good job grilling steak I leave that to him.  I made roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potato patties. It turned out to be a delicious dinner.

I am soooo not a food photographer.
I am soooo not a food photographer.

After dinner my friend S came over and it was so nice to catch up.  It had been way too long since I saw her.  J totally pampered us and brought us tea.  Then he cleaned up the kitchen and made lunches for C and I!!  I am one lucky lady.  He even made me breakfast, I just had to heat and serve this morning!!!

Today we woke up to snow.  Seriously?  I refuse to complain about it because the end of the week it is going to get warmer so I am treating it like it is a minor Spring set back.  It’s not going to ruin my week because I have a lot of fun things planned for this week!

Did you get more snow??


Are you excited for Easter?

loooong weekend!!!!!  wooohoooooo!!!




3 thoughts on “Trying Not to Complain

  1. Yup. More of the fluffy white garbage here too. Scraping 6″ of the crap off your car on April 15 seems sort of ridiculous, but I’ll follow your lead 😉 Just a spring set-back…

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