Reunion and Recaps

Short week for me because it’s Good Friday today and I took Thursday off work. First a recap of Wednesdays wod.

1 hang clean
2 front squats
1 push press
1 power clean
2 front squats
1 push press

I worked up to 75 lbs for this.

EMOTM for 10 minutes
7 push press
5 box jumps

I used 55 lbs and wanted to drop the weight so bad but my coach told me not to and I was so glad I didn’t.

The next day I was off work and got up and got ready and went to pick up my best girl L so we could spend the day together. She was in town visiting from Vancouver. We went to a bridal shop to try on wedding dresses as well as to try on some bridesmaid dresses. I think we picked the bridesmaid dresses. We had lunch and then headed to our friends birthday party. It was really nice to see everyone and it was so nice that L and I got to catch up.

We got up today and headed to a morning CrossFit class. I was feeling less than perfect after a few beers last night. The wod was not an easy one.

We started with a strength wod of finding our 2 rep max for our deadlift. I got to 135lbs. I wanted to go with more but there were a lot of people and a lot of weights being used so I just stopped there.

100 thrusters / run 200 m
300 goblet squats / parking lot sprints
500 burpees

This was done in partners for the first two movements. I did thrusters and L ran and then we switch until we get to 100. Then we move to goblet squats and one squats while the other does a parking lot sprint. Finally for burpees the 500 was split between 2 teams, or 4 people. We had 30 min to complete it. I did 105 burpees!!! Insane. And with a slight hangover too!


Sadly L and I had to say our goodbyes and J and C and I headed to visit my family for an Easter dinner. It was nice to see everyone. It was our first family gathering since our engagement so it was fun to talk about our plans. My sister brought these amazing cupcakes that her friend made.

It was such a nice meal and visit. And the best part is the weekend is not even half over yet! I love long weekends. Especially when they are spent with awesome friends and family.

Are you having a big Easter dinner?

Favourite Easter Treat?


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