On the Mend

Today was back to work after a nasty Easter stomach virus. Ugh. Just thinking about how awful I felt makes me shudder. Thank God C was at her grandparents and missed it. I’m not worried she will catch it because that would be the worst.

Today I felt better but still not 100%. I feel gross after I eat but I had a real appetite again. I hit up my usual CrossFit class and wasn’t sure how that would go. Thankfully my coach knew I had been ill so suggested I take it a little easier since I was likely still dehydrated and weak.

We started with some skill work on our overhead squats. I have never gone heavy with these because form is so important. I worked with a training bar today and just worked on not leaning forward. I feel like it was good for me and I may have shown some improvement.

WOD 1 – 6 min
The numbers represent kettlebell swings and the * is a sprint.

WOD 2- 6 min
6 min manmakers.
Ouch! This one I skipped and just did some arm work with dumbbells. I didn’t think I could do the up and down of these. The first wod already knocked me on my feet.

WOD 3- 6 min
2 sit ups
Farmers carry across parking lot
2 burpees – I did air squats bc of my tummy issues.
Ladder up by two after each cycle.

All the wods were done outside. It was a beautiful day out. The temperature on my car gage said 25 degrees! I wore shorts and a tank and felt awesome.


I then headed home and stopped at the farm because C was there with J. There were two new calves born that were super cute. C was having a great time running around.

I got home and got to work on dinner. The nice weather had me craving homemade burgers. I threw together a bunch of ingredients and we ended up with these beauties.

It was delicious and it tasted a little bit like Summer. I would be totally ok with it if this weather sticks around for awhile.

Did you have to work today on Easter Monday?
I did. Booooo.

What “tastes like Summer” for you?


4 thoughts on “On the Mend

  1. Great job on the WOD. In the past when I wasn’t feeling 100% I’d skip the WOD, thinking what good would it do if I couldn’t give 100%… now I think differently.. I’ll do what I can. Burger looks yummy!!

  2. burger looks amazing! Rainy here today, but that might provide the perfect chance to fire up the little bbq on my balcony unnoticed. Tastes like summer? Fresh strawberries! Pre-Paleo… corn on the cob

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