A Crappy Run is Still a Run

This weekend has been a ton of fun and has gone WAY too fast. I will start with Friday. Post work CrossFit class.

5 rounds
10 back squats (55 lbs)
5 deadlifts (105 lbs)
Partner sprints while you do your lifts
12 burpees (each)

The next part of the evening was the really exciting part. C and I met my future sister in law at a bridal store to try on wedding gowns. I wasn’t really looking forward to it because I had been once before and it was fun but I left really confused about what I wanted. This appointment went really different. I started explaining what I was looking for and she totally got it. She got it more than I did. She pulled out dresses I never thought I would like and the second one I put on was THE one. I felt so beautiful and knew J would love it on me. So I did it! I bought it!!

Saturday morning C and I got ready and we headed to CrossFit. She was happy that one of the kids that normally goes too was there so they could play. The wod was a partner one and my usual partner and I were finally reunited after several weeks of not seeing each other.

Build to a 1 rep max push press
I got to a 95lb lift. I feel like I could have done more but my lower back felt tight so I stopped at that weight.

“Partner Helen”
3 rounds
400 m run
21 kettle bell swings
12 pull ups

We each did Helen but one ran while the other did the swings and pull ups and vice versa. We finished in 13:04.

In the afternoon we had a wedding for good friends of ours. Here are some if the highlights.

Sunday morning I went shopping with C and my Mom and it was nice to have the girl time. After my parents left I got ready for a run. I honestly wasn’t feeling like going at all. I had planned to do a longer run but I knew I would be lucky to get 5 km in so I decided to start with that and see how it goes. Well it didn’t go well at all. I felt heavy and couldn’t get my head into it at all. I finished the 5 km but there was quite a few walking breaks.

On the bright side it was a beauty day and it felt good to be out. So it was not a total loss. I figure I still got out and still got active so it’s better than nothing.

It’s back to work tomorrow. I’m just enjoying the last of the weekend snuggling with my guy on the couch.

What did you do to get active this weekend?


3 thoughts on “A Crappy Run is Still a Run

  1. Yep – you’re still doing better than everyone sitting at home on their ar*ses! I am definitely all about the thinking positive even if it is a horrid run, some days are just better than others. (I am going running in about an hour and so tired so am slightly dreading it!)

  2. Love reading your wedding planning and fitness at the same time. Am trying myself to get back into running to help with toning for wedding dresses and completely understand that horrible feeling when you can’t get your head into a run – still counts though!! x

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