Fantastic Friday

This week has been a busy one. I didn’t get my usual Wednesday workout in because I had another commitment. So it was a late night home.

Thursday night I went for a quick run after work just to get moving. I am finding my legs are so tired lately. Like a constant sore. Maybe it’s the increase in my running? Who knows. Anyway the exciting thing I found when I got home was J had put up my pull up bar! So of course I tried it out.

Today was pretty great because not only was it Friday but I had the afternoon off work for a special girls day with my future sister in law and mother in law. We went to the spa for a manicure and pedicure.

We then went out for a bite to eat and a drink after. I missed my usual CrossFit class as a result but it was totally worth it for some quality girl time.

The rest of my afternoon was spent doing some relaxing on the couch. Like this:


And then a lot of this:

It really was a great afternoon and a great start to the weekend. I plan on getting my sweat on tomorrow morning and then we have a full weekend of activities planned.

What have you got planned for this weekend?

Do you ever feel like your legs just need a break?


4 thoughts on “Fantastic Friday

  1. Crossfit for me today and then household errands. I remember hitting that point where I needed to take a break from running. It’s not fun but much needed.

  2. Where did you get the pull up bar? Keep meaning to get one over here! Sounds like a fun day 🙂 My legs are actually sore alot of the time, feels like every time I get ‘used’ to a exercise I up the ante and voila- ouchie!

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