Quit Hanging Around

We have had a lot of rainy weather lately. And when it’s not rainy it’s heavy out like it’s going to rain. Unfortunately for me that means a lot of headaches. I am going on day 3 of a good one. I can usually still get through my day but it sure is annoying having it linger in the background.

This morning was a special wod for our gym. It was the four year anniversary for the owner this week and every year for the celebration on the Saturday we do a workout called the London Eye. The owner is originally from England.

Here’s how it looked.

It is done with a partner. We used 55 lbs for the GTOH. I used a training bar for my OHS but held a 35 lb bar when she did her OHS. And for thrusters I used a 35 lb bar as well.

My partner and I managed to get a full three rounds in and then we did a run and got about 200 m for the last one. It felt great to be moving. I love starting my Saturdays with a workout. We all had our picture taken together afterwards.

Next up was a trip to Starbucks for C and I and then she had a swimming lesson. We had a busy rest of the day moving from one place to the next. We met up with friends at an indoor playground but that really just put my headache over the top. I got a tea and relaxed on the couch when I got home. I chatted on the phone with my bestie L where we discussed our wedding plans. So fun!

J and I went for dinner to celebrate our engagement. We hadn’t really had a chance to celebrate so it was nice to do that. We went to the Keg. I got all ready and a little dolled up for the evening.


We had such a nice evening and the meal was so yummy. Blogger fail I didn’t take any photos.

Now it’s Sunday and it’s a day with no plans other than to relax. The headache is still lingering and I’m getting pretty sick of it.

Happy Sunday!

Do you like to relax on Sunday?

Where is your favourite restaurant to celebrate?


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