Snuggly Sunday

Today was the perfect kind of Sunday. It was the ideal combination of relaxation and productiveness. It started out with a delicious breakfast that I created for us. I made fried eggs and a sundried tomato and cheese bagel that I served over a potato patty that I made with leftover garlic mashed potatoes from our dinner last night.

After breakfast I curled up on the couch with my tea latte that I whipped up.

I watched wedding shows and talked to my mom on the phone. I ended up laying on the couch for the whole morning! It was heavenly.

Then I finally got moving and went out and ran some errands. I did some wedding idea gathering and grabbed a couple things we can use. It’s been fun coming up with ideas on how to put things together to personalize the day. Then I did grocery shopping and headed home to do some meal prep for the week.

I made a chick pea salad and a batch of chicken meat balls for lunches. I also made asparagus bundles wrapped in bacon. Dinner was (not pictured) gnocchi with a homemade sausage meat sauce.

After dinner I folded laundry while we got caught up on one of our shows. It got even cozier when my little buddy decided to join me.

It’s nice to have time on the weekend to relax and do nothing. It’s even better when you feel prepared for the week ahead while you are relaxing, there’s no guilty I should be doing something else kind of feeling.

What do you like to do to relax on the weekend?

Do you meal prep for the week?


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