Well That Sucked…

I hit up my usual CrossFit class after work today and basically got my ass handed to me with today’s wod. Holy crap!! I knew it would suck when I saw 5 rounds but I didn’t expect to struggle SO much with it. I seriously felt out of shape. Which I know I am not.

5 x 5 back squats
5 x 3 strict pull ups

I used 85 lbs for my squats. I felt wobbly and uncoordinated during my squats. I asked my coach to watch and he said my form was fine. He suggested that maybe I was dropping too fast to the bottom of my squat. I tried slowing it down and I did notice a difference.

5 rounds
10 thrusters
10 burpees

Coach suggested I stick to push press after all the squats and I was ok with that. I wanted to do 45 lbs but he convinced me to start with 55 lbs and just drop down if I had to. We did the workout outside and it was nice to be out in the sun and there was a nice breeze.

On the first round I was dead tired. Everything hurt and I was gasping for breath. What? After one round? It sucked. I kept going and was telling myself whatever I am just doing 3 rounds then. Or I will just do 8 presses. Or I will just drop the weight next round. But I didn’t do any of those things. I did all the rounds. And all the reps. And all at 55lbs.

Yep it sucked and I felt wiped after. But I finished it. ALL of it. And then went on to do max plank holds three times even getting a full minute one in there.

I was so unhappy with it I decided I should take a selfie. Isn’t that what anyone would do??

The point is it’s my own fault. I have been really really slacking with my nutrition and I need to get my shit together or I will continue to feel like garbage during my workouts. My legs will feel like lead when I run and I won’t feel strong and confident with my lifts. I also need to get reacquainted with my foam roller. And my chiropractor. I haven’t been in weeks and my muscles are angry. I use the excuse that I am too busy. But that’s just it. It’s an excuse. I need to take control of my situation and correct it. Hopefully this time I stick with it.

Monday done and in the books. Is it too early to start the weekend countdown?

How does nutrition affect your workouts?

I need some clean meal ideas. Help!


4 thoughts on “Well That Sucked…

  1. Oh I really notice the difference too if I don’t eat well but sometimes you just have to have something not so good! Meal ideas…I have made super delicious quinoa, spinach cod cakes…gonna put the recipe on my blog later today!

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