It Doesn’t Matter How You Got Here

This week has been chugging along nicely, look at that, we are already at Wednesday!  It’s hump day people!!!  We are almost in the home stretch to the weekend.  As usual I have a million things planned for the weekend including lots of visiting.  Reminder to you all it’s Mother’s Day- don’t forget the special ladies in your lives!!

Yesterday got off to a good start.  I got up in good time, had my shake and got a quick little wake up wod in.  I did a ladder from 10-1 of squats and sit ups.  Just something to get moving and wake me up.  I think it worked because I started off the day in a good way.  Work got a bit in the way and I ended up a little cranky for most of the morning but it worked itself out and ended up being a pretty great day.  After work was C’s last skating class so J met us at the arena and we watched how much she has improved.  Then we went out for pita’s for dinner and I had a delicious salad.  Then it was home and we played a couple games of Old Maid.  I lost once.  I think I handled it well.

So when I started this blog I did so just as a means to journal.  I wanted to track my workout’s and have a place to jot down my thoughts.  I always get excited when I find a new follower because it was never my intention to build it up but it is nice to find people are interested in what I have to say.  I haven’t done much to promote the blog so people just find me on their own.  I find it interesting to see what search terms they have used to find me.  This morning I saw one that sparked my interest so I dug deeper to find what the others are.

Here are some of my favourites:

1. Morning snatch– not sure if they were talking about waking up and practicing lifting or what?

2. Rest days suck– amen to that.

3.  I finally did a pull up– good for you!!!

4.  Beep beep crossfit wod– not sure what this is about… but ok…

5.  ur silliness makes my night– glad I could help!

6.  push press is hard- yes, yes it can be for sure!

7. I quit crossfit puked– well, I am sorry to hear that… but don’t quit, keep going, maybe you had the flu?

8. crouchy and bussy– no words for this one….

9.  the very grouchy bee– ummmm, I know I am grouchy a lot but what?

10.  it’s a monkeybutt thing– lol, it sure is.

Those are just some of my favourites.  They crack me up.  But hey, it’s not about how you got here.  I’m just glad you got here at all.

The rest of this day should be a good one.  My bank card got compromised so I get to deal with that on my lunch.  It’s a CrossFit day for me and I am feeling rested and ready to work.  And we are having a friend over for dinner tonight which is always a nice treat.  I hope y’all have a great day too!

What’s the funniest search term someone has found your blog with?


Favourite card game?

Mine is either Euchre or Canasta.



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