Thursday Night Treat

I woke up feeling well rested and ready to face the world. I even started off with a quick ab workout of sit ups and Russian twists. The weather was beautiful and it was a good day.

I was lucky and got an extra workout in. Thursdays I normally don’t go because C has extra curricular activities that I take her to. But tonight it was cancelled so I lucked out. I used to go to the Thursday evening class before we signed her up for it so it was fun to be back. It was a good group of people, people that I have a lot of fun with.

We started with a strength wod. It was our choice to pick a lift and work on it. My natural choice was to deadlift but we are deadlifting tomorrow we were told so I did push press. I only got to 85 lbs and quit because my arms were so tired from all the push press earlier this week.

6 min
Partner sprints parking lot while other partner does wall balls

12 min
Partner does farmer’s carry while the other partner does double under’s or skipping

I was going to use kettlebells that weighed 33 lbs (I think) but my coach suggested I could do more so she brought out the next ones which are 44lbs each. I did it! It was heavy but a good heavy. I had to work harder.

Our coach then took us through an awesome ab workout. We joked about how it was to help me look good in my wedding dress. I am going to need a super flat tummy for the dress I picked. Or a really great pair of spanx.

I left the gym feeling amazing today. So I did what any good blogger would do. I took a selfie!!

I got home and showered and got C to bed. J went out to watch the NFL draft and I got myself organized and settled to watch Grey’s Anatomy with a delicious dinner.

That’s sweet potato with chicken meatballs, mushrooms and a fried egg all fried in coconut oil. It was so tasty.
I spent some time with my foam roller and am just getting ready to call it a night. I’m excited that the weekend is almost here! We have some fun plans and my parents are coming tomorrow for a visit!

Don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day this weekend!

What was the last workout you did that you left feeling super pumped from?

What’s your favourite post workout meal?
I love the sweet potato and egg combo.


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