A Special Saturday

I’m right in the swing of the weekend and it feels pretty awesome. Yesterday after work it was a CrossFit class. We started with a strength wod. It was working on our 2 rep max of deadlifts. I worked to 165 lbs and stopped there.

Pull ups

I used 55 lbs. I checked my binder and the last time I did this workout I used 45 lbs so I was happy to attempt it with a heavier weight. I took longer than everyone in the class. I did it in 8:23.

We then finished up with a double Tabata cycle of ab work, sit ups and planks.

When I got home my parents were over so that was nice. We had steak tacos for dinner. After dinner J and I went to a stag and doe for a couple of hours.

This morning was a big day for C. It was her first communion. She was so excited about it.


We got all dressed up and headed to church. It was so cute to see the kids all dressed up. The girls all had white dresses on and the boys had suits on. If I hadn’t already picked out my wedding dress I could have got some great ideas from these 7 and 8 year olds.

We then went out for lunch and it was C’s choice on where to go. Sadly for me she picked Mandarin. I really don’t like it there. I overrate as expected and then we came home to relax. My parents headed back home and we all three curled up on the couch. Next thing I knew it was an hour later. I had a wonderful nap and am really feeling so relaxed.

I am debating going for a run because it’s so beautiful out. I might save that for tomorrow as a special Mothers Day treat for myself. After all, I’m a mom so it’s my day.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend 🙂


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