Feeling the Love

Today was a very special day for me. It was Mother’s Day! I felt properly spoiled and it was lovely. It started with J making a run out to get me a tea and a donut. He then made the most delicious brunch for us and his parents and grandparents came over. I didn’t take any pictures which is disappointing. There were breakfast popovers, hashbrown casserole and candied bacon. We also had fresh berries and C made pancakes!

After brunch C gave me a gift. She got me a book and a strawberry garden to plant. It was so sweet.

I then decided I would take advantage of the amazingly beautiful weather we had to go for a run. I did 5km and it was so nice out! My legs were a little sore beforehand from Fridays wod, but it felt good to move them.

When I got back I did two Tabata rounds. The first was a combo or regular and side planks. Then I did another with sit ups and Russian twists. Then I stretched and had a nice phone date with one of my besties.

I even got a nap on the couch later in the afternoon! That felt so nice and comfy. Our new couch is incredible for naps. I prepped my and C’s lunch for tomorrow and then made myself a plate of brunch leftovers for my dinner.

I enjoyed my Mother’s Day so much. J and C did a lot to make me feel special and it reminded me what a lucky gal I am. I get to spend my days with these guys.

I also need to send a shout out to the best mom any girl could have. I am the best mom I can be to my beautiful daughter because of the love that my mom gave me.

That photo of my mom and I was taken before I ran my one and only half marathon.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day as well and a nice relaxing weekend. It’s so sad it’s ending, I guess the countdown for the next one officially starts tonight.

Do you like to nap on the weekend?
I never used to really but there is something about our couch that I just cannot resist.


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